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10 hours ago, Hannibal Scorch said:

I know it’s an expense. But would some home plugs be better instead? That way, you are connected via Ethernet but can be in another room 

They're fucking shit though.  Even when they work, they don't usually deliver anything like the throughput they claim, and the connection is usually really intermittent.

I bought the top of the line ones about a month ago.  I get 500 Mb/s to my router on Virgin, but the wifi can only send a maximum of about 150 Mb/s so I bought the 2 Gb home plugs, which theoretically should be able to pass through the whole 500 Mb/s.  They maxed out at 110 Mb/s, so worse than wifi.  Plus the connection kept dropping.  So I returned them.

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5 hours ago, johnnyboy said:

Is that on a consumer tariff or have you got a Virgin Media Business Cisco router racked in the house?

Virgin Business line and router.  I’ve paid for the full welly but now realise the bottleneck is wifi.  The only real solution is to lay an ethernet cable from the router downstairs to the studio upstairs but I hate visible cabling.  

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24 minutes ago, johnnyboy said:

Have you looked at Ubiquiti Unifi?  Reasonably priced low-end commercial grade wifi for, in many cases considerably, less than some of the high end retail offerings.

No, but I will now.  I think ac grade wifi maxes out at about 300 Mb/s though so if you want anything more it probably has to be hardwire.

 It’s annoying the power line stuff isn’t better, in theory it’s a great idea.

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15 minutes ago, johnnyboy said:

I think you'll find you mean WiFi 5 (worst. name. ever.   Proper nerds will still call it AC).  It's much faster than that in the 5Ghz band, but needs clients and access points that support multiple streams.  5Ghz though doesn't penetrate walls as well as 2.4Ghz bands.  When you see ?x? on an AP it's referring to the radio capabilities.  Quite a nice explainer on this blog:


(Edit:  However, the device capabilities are a bit out of date.  It's not uncommon for phones to support multiple streams now.)

Fucking hell @johnnyboy we should take this offline from this thread as I have questions but we're at risk of killing the enthusiasm for Covid-19.

Any chance a mod could break this off into a WiFi thread?

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Thanks mods.

So that doobery you've linked to there, is that basically a wifi switch?  I have the Virgin Business router which I can't replace as I understand it as it's required for the Virgin cable hookup, but I guess I don't have to use its built-in wifi transmitter but something else like this?

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