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Clocks go FORWARD 1am Sunday 29th March


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Unbelievably it's that time of the year again. If you've not got your head down the toilet recently, you've noticed that it's getting sunnier. British Summer Time (Coronovirus Part) has begun.

Yeah! We can all go out into various social gatherings and enjoy ourselfs in the sun, not. :(

Here's the stuff...

Clocks go forward at 1am on the 29th March, which means when it hits 1am, it turns into 2am. We lose an hours sleep! Jeezo.

Hope you get through this and the Corona ok. Bye!

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According to Wikipedia, there's a bit of a push from quite a few states in the US to put the clocks forward and then leave them like that forever:


Everything grabs network time these days so it'd just be a case of updating a few hundred thousand NTP servers. Then microwaves will be correct year round! 

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5 minutes ago, hallicks said:

Then microwaves will be correct year round! 

That’s if they were correct to start with. The clock on our hob in the kitchen has been completely out of sync since we moved in (8 years ago). Fuck knows what time zone the previous owners of the house were running with.

8 fucking years I’ve been dealing with a spike in my OCD every time I enter that room. 

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1 hour ago, johnnyboy said:

Far too late at this stage to change it as all of the automated systems are rolling over automatically except for the poxy microwave clock which shall forever be on the same time as Tehran.

My microwave has somehow managed to set itself forward by 11 minutes. It always seems to happen. 

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2 hours ago, Chest Rockwell said:

Doesn't really work as well now that you're quarantined.....

Got driverless buses where you’re from?

EDIT - Ooh maybe I could change it up to a Zoom meeting or whatever they’re called. 

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