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UKFF British and Irish Wrestling Hall of Fame 2020 Stage Two - The Finalist


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Thank you everyone who voted in Stage One!!


For Stage Two I am asking for you to select just 10 names from the list of 20 below.


These 10 names will be your vote to be inducted into the Fourth Class of the UKFF British and Irish Wrestling Hall of Fame.


So if you wish to vote PM me your 10 names no later than 23:59 on 3rd April


By the end of Stage Two I hope to have 10 names who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame but this number is flexible based on the votes received. 


So without further ado here are the 20 finalists for the Fourth Annual UKFF British and Irish Wrestling Hall of Fame


Andre Baker


English wrestler, promoter for NWA UK Hammerlock, which was an NWA affiliate. One of first promoters to use imports from the US on a regular basis, helped develop the career of next generation wrestlers Alex Shane, Jody Fleisch, Nikita, Jonny Storm, Doug Williams, Finn Balor and Wade Barrett.


Bill Dundee

Podcast: The TMPToW Interview 'Superstar' Bill Dundee | crazymax.org

Scottish born wrestler, moved to Australia at a young age. Started wrestling in Australia in 1962 before relocating to the United States in 1974. Became a huge star in Memphis Wrestling due to his ongoing feuds with Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Valiant. Held multiple titles through the United States. Acclaimed booker of wrestling in Memphis, Louisiana and Georgia.*Finalist in 2018 & 2019


Billy Joyce

History of Catch Wrestling Wigan | Snakepit Wigan

English wrestler, Regarded by many as the greatest Heavyweight wrestler of all time. Taught Billy Robinson and Karl Gotch for the ring. Won the British Heavyweight title in 1958 and kept a grip of the title until 1967 dropping the title for brief time periods in those years. In his later years he dropped weight divisions winning the Light Heavyweight title in 1971


Billy Riley


Founder of the Legendary Snake Pit wrestling school in Wigan where he taught Catch Wrestling a style that British Wrestling would be known for. Known as a devastating “hooker.” Won British Empire Championship in Africa. Students include Karl Gotch, Bert Assirati, Jack Dempsey and Billy Robinson.



British Wrestlers Reunion - Gary 'Catweazle' Cooper

English wrestler whose gimmick was based off the television show of the same name. Was a more defined gimmick in an era where most wrestlers were boots and tights. Well loved by the fans, his act included licking his lucky toad. Finalist in 2019


Chris Adams

Happy Birthday to the late, Chris Adams! | Pro Wrestling Universe ...

English wrestler, known as The Gentleman. Won British Commonweath Tag Titles and British Light Heavyweight title before heading stateside in 1981 where he won multiple titles in multiple territories. Most notable run was in WCCW where he was NWA American Heavyweight Champion 4 times and feuded with The Von Erichs. Trained Stone Cold Steve Austin for the ring. *Finalist in 2018 & 2019


Clive Myers

British Wrestlers Reunion - Clive 'Ironfist' Myers

Turned pro in 1970. Former amateur wrestler and weightlifter. Known for his acrobatic style. Was made the Welterweight Champion of the West Indies. Known as Iron Fist. The finished to his match with Mick McManus on World of Sport is legendary and is often spoken about by those who witness it. Was a top challenger in multiple weight classes *Finalist in 2019 


Danno O'Mahony

Danno – champion of the world | Southern Star

Irish wrestler, known for the Irish Whip who the move is named after. Began wrestling in the United States in 1934 losing his debut match to Ed “Strangler” Lewis. Beat Lewis for the NWA World Title in 1935 lost the title in 1936 to Dick Shikat in his only his second career loss. Immortalised with a statue in County Cork *Finalist in 2018


Finn Balor

Big Update On The Future Of Finn Balor - IWNerd.com

Irish Wrestler. Got his career started in NWA:UK Hammerlock where he was a two time British Commonwealth Champion. Started with NJPW in 2006 and would go on to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title three times, Junior Tag Titles 6 times and win the Best of the Super Juniors Twice. Became the founding father of The Bullet Club in 2013 and kick started a global phenomenon. Signed with WWE in 2014 and became the longest reigning NXT champion in history. Upon becoming part of the main roster became the first ever WWE Universal Champion *First Year Eligible 


George Kidd


Scottish wrestler, Won a tournament in 1947 to win the Scottish Light Heavyweight title. Beat Jack Dempsey for the British Light Heavyweight Title in 1948. Became recognised as the World Light Heavyweight Champion when he defeated Rene Ben Chemoul. Kidd would reign for the next 20 years retiring as the champion.


Lord James Blears

British Wrestlers Reunion - Lord James Blears

English wrestler, entered the ring in 1942. Ring career put on hold by the war where his ship was torpedoed where 71 out of 76 crew members were murdered by the Japanese. After the war wrestled in the UK for two more years before moving to USA transforming himself into Lord James Blears. Won multiple titles in the United States across 4 territories including 24 Tag Team title reigns and a run as NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Champion. Was unsuccessful in his attempt to win the NWA World Heavyweight title from Lou Thesz. Personally invited by Rikidozan to wrestle in Japan and was later influential in Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid getting booked in AJPW.


Jim Breaks

Wrestler Jim Breaks grapples with Spanish cops as he returns to ...

English wrestler, known for his heel tactics. Known as “Cry Baby” to the fans. Turned pro in 1958. Would go on to win the British Light Heavyweight title, British Welterweight title and European Lightweight title. Won the British Middleweight title 5 times. It is believed he won 32 titles in total. *Arrested in 2017 on suspicion of the murder of his ex-partner* *Finalist in 2017, 2018 & 2019


Johnny Kidd

Interview – “Mr Smooth” Johnny Kidd – The British Wrestling ...

English Wrestler. Made his debut in 1978. Made his television debut in 1981. Groomed for greatness from the beginning when he was chosen to face names such as Mick McManus, Johnny Saint and Jim Breaks. Continued to practice the British style after the end of WOS. Respect from modern fans let to matches in FWA, LDN, PCW, Progress and Chikara amongst others. *Finalist in 2019


Jonny Storm

The wonderkid Jonny Storm © Tony Knox | tony knox | Flickr

English Wrestler, made his debut in 1997. Wrestled as part of the UWA on Live TV. Has wrestled for almost every UK based promotion. Had a series of matches with Jody Fleisch which helped revolutionise the British wrestling scene. Match with Fleisch won American promotion CZW’s match of the year. Also wrestled for TNA and PWG. Was the first and only ever XPW European Champion *Finalist in 2017, 2018 & 2019


Jushin Liger

Jushin Thunder Liger Wiki | Wrestleverse

Japanese Wrestler. First came to the UK in 1986 where he battled for All Star Wrestling, winning the Young Lion Cup that year. Twice won the British Heavy Middleweight Title from Mark Rocco. Returned to the UK in 2013 to challenge for the RevPro Cruiserweight title in a losing effort. Would make multiple returns to these islands until his retirement in 2020 including becoming the first ever British J-Cup winner in 2017. *First Year on List 


Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan in Expert Pro Wrestling Trainers, Updated 2018 ...

English wrestler, Founder of the Fratton Wrestling Alliance, later Frontier Wrestling Alliance which would become one of the most talked about British independents of all time. Head trainer at FWA academy. First ever FWA Champion. Holder of FWA All England title. Trainer of Drew McIntyre, Paul Birchall and Katie Lea Birchill among many others. Still valuable on the scene today contributing to Dragon Gate, NOAH, RevPro and Ring of Honor UK shows. *Finalist in 2017, 2018 & 2019


Mitzi Mueller

British Women's Pro Wrestling - Mitzi Mueller | HubPages

English female wrestler, made her debut aged 14 in 1963. Wrestled primarily for All-Star Wrestling. Once the ban on female wrestling was lifted in London. Mueller wrestled in the first women’s match in the city in years when she teamed with Rusty Blair to face Klondyke Kate and Nicky Monroe at the Royal Albert Hall in 1987. Won the British Ladies championship in 1972 and the European Ladies championship in 1975, a title that she held on to until 1990. Made multiple film and TV appearances. 


Nigel McGuinness

ROH Champion Nigel McGuinness | Champion, Pro wrestler, Pro wrestling

English wrestler. Trained and made his debut in the United States for Heartland Wrestling Association. Won the HWA Tag Team titles in 2001. Made his way to Ring of Honor in 2003. Became the longest reigning ROH Pure Champion in history holding the belt for 350 days. Won the ROH World Championship in September 2007 holding the belt until 3 April 2009, a massive 545 days. Made his way to TNA in 2009 and wrestled a classic against Kurt Angle as well as adding the TNA Tag Team titles to his collection. After injuries forced him from the ring signed with WWE in 2016 as an announcer where he announces NXT, NXT:UK, 205 Live and Main Event *Finalist in 2019


Steve Grey

The Wrestling Furnace Picture Gallery

English wrestler, highly respected Lightweight. Made his TV debut in 1971. 7 time British Light Heavyweight Champion. Won the European Light Heavyweight title in 1988. Would win the title a total of four times. Wrestled for the FWA and The Wrestling Channel Supershow in the 2000s. *Finalist in 2018 & 2019


Wayne Bridges

Wayne Bridges, Star from World of Sport, Passes Away at 83

English wrestler trained by Mike Marino made his debut in 1964. Was Kendo Nagasaki’s first Cup Final Day opponent on television. Won the World Heavyweight title in the Royal Albert Hall from Spiro Arion in 1979 bringing the title back to the UK for the first time in 60 years. In June 1981 would regain the title from the Mississippi Mauler in Wembley Arena. One of a handful of men to defeat Mike Marino. Often selected to represent Britain against foreign opponents. 

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  • Awards Moderator

Let’s not have “arrested in 2017 on suspicion of the murder of his ex-partner”.

Thanks for these bios with each finalist @AJSTYLES - really helps to know some of the achievements of those I wouldn’t otherwise know much about, like Mitzi Mueller or Lord James Blears.

Sending my list over in a minute!

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16 hours ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

Let’s not have “arrested in 2017 on suspicion of the murder of his ex-partner”.


If he goes in I will remove it but I think it is fair to those deciding whether to induct him that they have a full picture

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  • Paid Members

The state of the ears on Jim Breaks. 

8 hours ago, AJSTYLES said:

If he goes in I will remove it but I think it is fair to those deciding whether to induct him that they have a full picture

Don't forget the manslaughter charges Adams was on for the death of his wife when he was shot. 

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