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Godfather once worked over here when Nelson "Mabel" Frazier died, and Grado went up to him and said "sorry to hear about Trevor Nelson dying the other day." Fucking Trevor Nelson!

Can be midcarders if you like, or full on curtain jerkers. Who did you like but they never got far up the ladder? Whatā€™s inspired this is that for some reason Iā€™ve ended up watching a Gangrel int

This cant be happening! I got told the same wind up. No bloodbath, though. Also got told that if you played enough Warzone in career mode, you'd get Animal and Hawk eventually. Spent Easter of 1999 pl

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17 minutes ago, PowerButchi said:

He was indeed ace. Loved his USWA stuff too. Too Much we're tremendous value on Shotgun Challenge and his sunset flip powerbomb to the outside was all kinds of sweet.Ā 

Is USWA on the network? Or somewhere else on the web that's easy to view. Heard lots of good things, never saw any of it though.Ā 

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Oddly,Ā ā€˜Supreme Fighting Machineā€™Ā Kama of all peopleĀ came out to that inĀ the Royal Rumble in 96. Although, listening to it again now, it does have a bit of an 80sĀ martial arts movieĀ vibe to it. Sounds a bit like it shouldĀ be playing overĀ a training montage in Bloodsport.Ā 

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