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Brain of the UKFF 2: Brain Harder

Glenryck Pilchards

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Yes, your eyes are not deciving you. The ressurection of Brain of the UKFF is amongst us, and it has taken a worldwide pandemic to instigate it to cure boredom whilst there is no sport on. 

Instead of using Sporcle for a range of topics, we will be doing things a little differently this time round and effectively nicking the format of Brain of Britain off Radio 4 where there will be five rounds of questions. Each person will be asked up to 5 questions in a round, but if they get one wrong the question will be offered to the other constestants and then move on to the next contestant. 

The plan is to use Skype or an alternative chat client, record it and post it on YouTube for the viewing pleasure of the UKFF Kingdom. If you are camera shy, don't worry I will hide you and put a funny image up relating to your username to represent you 

If you are interested in taking part please post a message below and what days are best for you to take part and if your happy to have your mug on screen. 

Will @Shy Dad retain his crown? Have a go and you can be crowned the Brain of the UKFF!

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So not quite the uptake I was expecting. I suspect the audio/video might be putting people off participating, so I am looking at alternative options. 

I am doing online quizzes with my friends tonight and tomorrow using different methods and if I can find a way of anonymity for the wider public, but identifiable for the people who are playing I will do that so hopefully @HarmonicGenerator will compete.

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After playing a couple of online quizzes over the last couple of days I feel that the best solution is as follows. 

I will ask the questions via a video conferencing program and you have the option to be either on video, audio only or text only in the conference call. 

The quiz format will be a buzzer quiz. To buzz to answer you would just need to enter any text in the chat box in the conference call. If you are video or audio enabled I will ask you for your answer, if you are text only I will ask you to type your answer. Typists will only have 10 seconds to answer, unless it is a long answer and my discretion will be followed.  

You will get two points for a correct answer and you will lose a point for an incorrect interruption. 

Obviously it would be encouraged to have the video/audio enabled for better craic, but I understand that some people require to retain their anonymity hence this solution. 

I will be looking at starting this from next wednesday, so sign-ups are available until this Friday. If we get a couple more signed up I will make a draw to split the players into two semi finals and I will PM all players with the invite to the conference call.  

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