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Take on a TakeOver - Review an NXT TakeOver thread

Fatty Facesitter

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**NOTE: All TakeOvers currently FREE on the WWE Network**

Very soon we're all going to be living in figurative igloos and we'll need to keep ourselves occupied.

We've had 28 editions of NXT TakeOver specials to date since the first edition in 2014. The first five were all held at Full Sail. Then, from 2015 onwards, they started spreading out to more and more places and it gradually took on a life of its own. Every edition (with maybe a couple of exceptions) has been choc-full of bangers, and many stars from the early days have gone on to make waves on on the main roster. It's played a huge part in turning NXT into a full-on third WWE brand and all that bollocks. 

Like past threads for events like the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam etc, this is effectively an excuse to create a thread which will hopefully have loads of entertaining reviews about some thoroughly enjoyable romps. 

If we get 28 people up for doing reviews (if you want to do more than one then just yell) I'll draw them out at random and we can go from there. No hard/fast rules, but the more colourful and entertaining with picturez and bantz etc the better. It doesn't matter if you've seen the show before or not - if you haven't then that sometimes makes for an even better review if you're looking at one for the first time. 

One thing I haven't included are the three NXTUK Takeover specials to date (two editions from Blackpool and the one from Cardiff) - could include those in the main draw if people want. Could maybe throw in the UK Championship Tournaments for a giggle. 

To register your interest, simply reply below! Once the spots are filled then we'll make the draw, and people can just post whenever they see fit. I'll update the list in the OP and keep track of them that way. 


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  • Harvey Dent
  • Harmonic Generator
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  • Onyx2
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  • Undefeated Streak
  • Vamp
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  • UK Kat Von D
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3 hours ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

If I hadn’t binned off the Network at the start of the month I’d have been up for this!

If I hadn't binned off Network last year I'd have been up for this! Seriously though, I can't think of a brand/promotion/whatever that has had a stronger or more consistent run of high quality PPV's than NXT and it would have been nice to revisit a random Takeover.

I'll enjoy reading your reviews though lads.

Likewise a review thread for the Cruiserweight and Mae Young Classic tourneys could be fun if you were gonna chuck in the UK ones. There's a lovely mix of great stuff and absolute guff across those 5 tournaments.

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Definitely hadn’t forgotten about this in the midst of the crisis over the last few days...

Now all the Takeovers are free on the network, if there are any more takers then shout up and I’ll add you to the list, then I’ll do a random draw for the first batch on Friday night/Saturday morning when we can commence our viewing pleasure. 

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Right - To start with I've done a random draw to dish out 11 of the shows. Once these are done, if anyone wants to do a second one, then pipe up and I'll get your name down for it. This might be a thing that constantly rolls until we complete them all. 

Post your entries in the thread - no need to send them to me first, PM me etc, just get it in here, aye? I'll update the list on the homepage now. 

Also if anyone's reading this for the first time or looking at it going "Actually I quite fancy this" then come on in, the water's fine. Equally, if you're not happy with your choice then feel free to ask for swapsies or to be drawn an alternative. 

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