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Who was the best Sugababe?

Frankie Crisp


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For anyone else who needs it, as I did -


I thought that was just a terrible picture but on further investigation Mutya really hasn't aged well.


Anyway. The answer is obviously Amelle. Jade looks pretty good but I have no idea who she is and I can't remember her having been in the group so I don't feel like I can pick her.

I don't remember Siobhan existing either tbh.

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So that time the Sugababes got their kit off to model for Pretty Polly...


My initial thought was to chalk another vote up for Keisha but now I'm swaying towards Amelle.

Jade ended up representing us in Eurovision and didn't do too bad considering how God awful we've been for the last twenty odd years.

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To be honest if we are going with back in the day the only one that didn't enter the teenage wank bank was Mutya. Not sure if it was her name, that she had resting bitch face, came across that way or the facial piercings which are still a turn off till today but she was always a no from 12-23 year old fat greasy me. I'm sure she would have been terribly upset to learn that.

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3 minutes ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

Which one was the Dynamite Kid of the group? There was one of them who would cut the legs off their trousers and shit in peoples bags and stuff.

Anyway, its her. You need that kind of spirit if you're going to make it in the babes of suger.

Think it was Keisha. There were tales of her making sure her mic was the loudest and sticking a shotgun under the knees of Lee Ryan. 

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