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Wayne Bridges has passed away

The Reverend

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Whilst it could be minor news, I think it deserves a thread of it's own. Former British champion Wayne Bridges has passed away. Whilst not a big as name as many UK stars, he was a major star, regularly topped the bill in the 70's and 80's, appeared on WOS and had matches with most major stars.

His pub was also the regular venue for the UK's annual Wrestlers Reunion.

RIP Wayne Bridges. 

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As mentioned in the Greatest Tag Matches thread, he was in one of my favourites, teaming with Rollerball Rocco against Kendo & Shane Stevens. Great look, could go too.

RIP Wayne Bridges.

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Very sad news. Wayne (Bill to his friends) was a great bloke & a true friend of British Wrestling.

I have worked with Bill & even stayed at his home on occasion, being well looked after by himself & his lovely wife Sarah.

Probably one of the highlights of talking to Bill about wrestling (which he loved to do) was when he randomly broke kayfabe & started discussing blading with me! A real gentleman & loyal to wrestling to the very end.

RIP Bill.
 You will be missed by your many friends in wrestling. 

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