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Best entrance music ever

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There's plenty of candidates by various criteria, e.g. how enjoyable they are to listen to in general, how much they suit the character, how they work as “wrestling entrance music” e.g get you excited for the wrestler(s) appearing and their match and how the opening bars trigger an immediate reaction from the audience. I’m a massive fan of Real American, The Game, Glass Shatters and Flairs 2001 track (before WWE added the “Whoo”).

On 8/28/2020 at 12:29 PM, The Dart said:

I listen to lots of wrestling entrance music and I think I have come to the conclusion that Demolition's is the best entrance music of all time.

Absolute top 5 for me. Also makes me think of huge pops and someone about to get battered. And the Hulkamaniacs’ entrances at Survivors 89 which might be peak wrestling for me.

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Rick Rude's WWF music is obviously iconic, but I've been watching a lot of WCW from 93 and this simply never leaves my head.    His body's chiseled, abs all in a row. You'd think

I thought we all agreed it was this   

My girlfriend's just asked me to turn this down because she can hear it coming through my headphones on her work call. 

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