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Best entrance music ever


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Apologies in advance if this has been done before...

There have been SO many amazing themes over the years but what do you consider to be the best entrance music and why?

My top 5 would be:

1. Undertaker classic theme (new version) pure drama and perfect match to the gimmick.

2. Austin - the glass breaking is brilliant and the theme suits him to a T.

3. Real American - pure nostalgia thinking about hearing that theme as a kid and seeing the red and yellow of Hogan. High energy.

4. nWo theme - just cool as fuck, the combination of the black and white visual was perfect.

5. Cena - it's just so fucking adrenaline inducing. 


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My favourites are the ones with lyrics which reference the wrestler or gimmick. Bossman's Hard Times song, Shawn's Sexy Boy song (the Sherri version in particular.)

Mark Henry's theme is one of the better and most memorable from the last while, imo. 

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There’s been a few good ones over the last couple of years. Nakamura’s original music made him feel like a star. Bobby Roode’s, though it had the unfortunate effect of making him a babyface due to its greatness, was a cracking tune. And Imperium’s is just perfection and proof, as I said around this time last year, that classical musical makes the best entrance music.

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