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Just been in the smaller of the two Tesco in Lincoln. Things were pretty much in stock apart from loo roll and pet food. Did see one guy at the till getting told by the checkout girl that he couldn't

I'll eventually work through all the messages but I'm safe. Thanks folks. I'm still an absolute mess but safe all the same. 

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Not really sure why I'm posting here so I hope you don't mind...dad's lost it completely so I'm trying to hold it together.

Covid has taken my grandpa today. 98 years old. A 6'5, 17 stone, Olympic champion, war hero, giant of a man reduced to what looked like a 5 stone shell within  4 days of catching it. On a zoom screen. Everyone's said it but I am so over this year. 

Horrible seeing my old man completely devastated. Selfishly I can't wait until I get home tomorrow afternoon so I can get the guitar out, open a bottle and have a smoke on my own. 


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Sorry to hear that Suplex Sinner. Lost my own Grandad in April from this, went in hospital for a stomach issue, caught Corona there and was gone 3 days later. This shit is really really terrible. 

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