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Saudi Arabia not allowing anyone into the country from coronavirus infected countries.


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Just now, Angle_fan said:

With this news just in. I wonder what this means for Super Showdown? Are the the Wrestlers over there yet 

I don't think the US is considered a coronovirus infected country yet. I think there will be a % of people infected before a country is considered as such

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17 minutes ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

Are we posting about the show in here? Spoiler tag just in case.


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Goldberg! Yay!

Poor Ricochet.

AJ Styles vs Undertaker was unexpected followed by exciting followed by disappointing.

Last show I’ll see before my Network subscription runs out on Tuesday!


Goldberg looked as bad here as he did against Taker. Obviously can’t do the job in Saudi. Hoping he’s back on for for Mania. Big Match John is back tomorrow. Cena/Goldberg to be the next Rock/Hogan at Wrestlemania?

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Just now, Mr Kennedy said:

That jackhammer was a bit poo wasn’t it?

If we’re being honest, he looked like shit. He’s definitely on borrowed time. Still a million times the star of Bray, but I think the match with Roman has got to be one of his last. I’m not even sure he could manage the type of match he had with Lesnar at Wrestlemania a few years back.

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