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Your general theory of everything

Undefeated Steak

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What theories or ideas do you have about anything, really? You don't have to believe they're fact, but you need to at least imagine they could be plausible. What do you want science to prove to be true/false in the next century?

I've got a few.

As someone who thinks there is life 'out there' but none that has ever visited earth, I am still curious about this:

With the idea that over the next however many thousand years, humans will get weaker (and therefore develop smaller skeletons and muscle mass), and our brains and skulls will get larger, and possibly eyes getting bigger due to screen/lens glare, is it possible that the typical description of an alien would be humans visiting us from the future? 

Once a particular level of travel is reached, it would be plausible that civilisations would travel along lengths of time rather than distances (it's essentially the same, but once you start travelling in lightyears rather than miles, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine being able to go back in time).

- One of the main reasons scientists accept that the universe is expanding is because of red-shifting, where the further galaxies are away from us, the more their lightwaves have been stretched, and the more 'red' they appear.

I have a theory that rather than the universe actually expanding in size, it's actually shrinking from within itself. Imagine a huge black hole that's swallowing the universe from its center. Objects within that universe would still be moving further apart from each other. 

It would also explain why you could never travel faster than the speed of light, because above that's actually the speed that the universe is shrinking.

Some maths suggests that a human is closer in size to the universe itself than it is to the smallest known thing (quark?). But to go almost infinitely small doesn't take the same amount of space/time to reach than it would take to reach one edge of the universe than the other. So you can go almost infinitely small in less distance than you can go almost infinitely big. I have a theory that if you go infinitely small you end up going infinitely 'big', which could explain the idea of how the big bang would've contained all the matter in the universe within a size relative to a pin.

- Finally, I have an idea that dark energy could be nothing other than what allows things to actually exist. Imagine a box of 'nothing' in space. No particles, nothing. Just a vacuum. Well, if you fire a light photon through it, the photon would still appear at the other side. There must still be 'something' there that tells the photon that it must exist. If you truly had 'nothing', then the photon would just vanish from existence, because there is nothing telling it to still behave and obey the laws of itself. 

So, dark matter or energy could be nothing but the 'hosting' for lack of a better word of the universe itself, the very properties that exist which allows whatever is within it to be able to behave in whatever way it does. There has to be something which allows gravity to be able to behave in the way that it does. And that must take up some 'bandwidth' itself, which could account for dark energy.

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I once had a theory that ghosts don't have to be 'spirits' as such but could be living amongst us (could also argue this for Aliens as well). 

Best way of explaining it is that if you were on the London Underground platform and there was say 500 people, would you really know if any of those were ghosts? 

Another one is dreams (always a fascinating subject), what if this was an alternative place/world? 

Maybe I should get out more. 

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