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Wilder vs Fury 2 - Feb 22 🥊


Who wins and how?   

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I think this deserves its own thread, doesn’t it? If not one of the mods can move it to the Boxing thread. 

It’s nearly that time. The big rematch between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury is less than a week away.


Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury - WBC World Heavyweight Title

Emanuel Navarrete vs Jeo Santisima - WBO Super-Bantamweight Title

Sebastian Fundora vs Daniel Lewis

Charles Martin vs Gerald Washington

Javier Molina vs Amir Imam

Gabriel Flores Jr vs Matt Conway

Isaac Lowe vs TBA

Lindolfo Delgado vs Petros Ananyan

Rolando Romero vs Arturs Ahmetovs

Vito Mielnicki Jr vs Stephen Dailey


Right then. I think that’s still how it’s lining up. Top 4 fights on BT Box Office, not sure if any of the rest of the undercard will air anywhere else. Who cares? Like any of us are here for the prelims anyway.

It’s in Vegas so it’s going to be either an all night job or you’re probably getting the result spoiled in the morning. I’m definitely staying up, sod chancing it.


The first fight was back in December 2018. Wilder was coming into the fight at 40-0 with 39 knockouts. He’d been criticised for fighting a lot of soft opposition but regardless, to go 40-0 is some achievement. And he had just stopped Luis Ortiz. 

Fury was two fights deep into a miraculous career comeback at the time. After his stunning win over Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015, he was gone from the ring for almost 3 years. And in that time he sunk into depression, battled addiction, ballooned in weight and he’s since admitted he contemplated suicide. It was a dark time. In 2018, having returned to the gym and dropping about 10st in weight, he was back in the ring.


Forget Boxing, just in terms of his wellbeing in general it was some turnaround. Under his new trainer Ben Davison, he comfortably beat two journeymen in Seferi and Pianeta, and then Fish Eyes announced it was on. 

Wilder vs Fury went down in the December. The talk going in was very much the same as it’s going to be for the rematch. Could Wilder land the bomb on a slick boxer like Fury? The answer was yes. Could Fury avoid getting caught for 12 rounds? The answer was no. Was Fury taking the fight too soon? I think the answer was yes. But Fury gave Wilder a Boxing lesson. Absolutely schooled him. Apart from a knockdown in the 9th round, which didn’t seem to faze the Gypsy King much, it was looking like an easy night’s work. Then the 12th round happened.


Wilder connected with a sledgehammer of a punch that put Fury down hard. He was out. The ref was counting, Fury wasn’t moving, Wilder was already celebrating. It was done. Then out of nowhere...


Fury rose from the dead and, not only survived, he carried on slapping Wilder about as if it never happened. I still don’t get how he got up from that.


Have that you big shithouse.

The fight had gone the distance. So two knockdowns for Wilder vs 10 rounds of dominance for Fury. You do the maths. Apparently the judges couldn’t, or wouldn’t, as they ultimately scored it a draw. Load of bollocks. I had it 10-2 to Fury so, even with the knockdowns, that’s 116-110 for Tyson. Even if you were being really generous and somehow gave Wilder say two more rounds on top of the knockdown rounds, that’s still 114-112 to Fury. I genuinely don’t know how you can arrive at a draw unless you’ve been paid off. There are still people who try to act like a draw was justified, or even worse, that Wilder won. ‘Yeah but he knocked him down twice’. That just doesn’t work mathematically. All the moaning people (media and fans) do about bad judging, yet you still hear goofy shite like that. What’s the point even scoring fights if a couple of knockdowns just cancel it all out? I rarely agree when people call a fight a robbery. Fury got robbed that night.

Anyway, they both moved on. And in 2019, Fury returned to winning ways, beating Tom Schwarz and Otto Wallin. The choice of opponents drew criticism but like I said, I think that first Wilder fight came too soon anyway. Despite how good he looked, I think he took it a fight or two earlier than he probably should’ve. I actually think Team Wilder only wanted the Fury fight in 2018 because they thought he wasn’t ready yet. It’s probably the only reason it happened.

Regardless of the opposition, Fury was entertaining. Him busting out the old Apollo Creed entrance for the Schwarz fight was great. 

Between this and his WWE stuff, Fury was doing a good job of making a name for himself in the US. I’d go as far as to say he’s probably a bigger name over there than Wilder is now.


Wilder had a strong 2019 though. He wiped out Dominic Breazeale in a round in May. Then came from behind to knock the bollocks out of Luis Ortiz in their rematch in November.

Look at the eyes. 


People went ‘but Wilder was losing before the KO’, but that’s Wilder. He doesn’t fight to win rounds. He knows what he is and that’s a knockout artist. The man in the other corner can outwork him all night but it’s also their job to avoid getting leathered. Slagging off Wilder’s weird and untechnical style is pointless at this stage. He’s not going to turn into a giant Sugar Ray Leonard. And there aren’t many men who can stop him detonating those bombs. Fury is the only man in the division who’s shown he’s capable of outboxing him AND staying awake for the full 12 rounds. Can he do it again is the question? 

Get these down you. 

Round 12: Fury’s Resurrection documentary; 

Big John Fury tells David Haye how it is; 

Wilder vs Fury 2 promo;

Got goosebumps watching that. 

This is a massive fight. One of the few that actually does warrant being on PPV over here. I don’t know what to think. Fury is the way superior boxer. He should win this, in my opinion. But you hear the phrase ‘puncher’s chance’ all the time in Boxing. With Wilder though, his ‘puncher’s chance’ is a different animal. I’m favouring Fury but I’m far from confident. Then there are other factors;

1) It’s in America again. So even if Fury wins the rounds 12-0 this time, will he actually get the fucking decision?

2) The split with Ben Davison worries me. Big John minimised it as Ben just being more of a motivator/hype man for Tyson but I don’t know. He seemed good for Fury mentally, and we know that’s a huge part of the battle where Fury is concerned. I know very little about Fury’s new trainer Sugarhill Steward, other than he’s the nephew of the legendary Emanuel Steward. 

3) Don’t know how true this one is but I’ve also seen rumours that Tyson has deliberately put some weight on for this rematch. I’m assuming in the hopes of scoring a knockout and taking the corrupt/inept judges out of the equation. Not sure that’s a good thing if true. 

We’ll see. Whatever the case, this is a huge fight. Boxing is typically quiet around this time of year but this is going to be something special. 


Let’s talk about it you pack of dossers. 

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I can't stand Wilder. He's tacky as fuck. 

Nonetheless, I have a horrible feeling he is going to win next weekend. Eddie Hearn, admittedly not the most credible source, was saying yesterday that he had heard negative things about Fury's camp. I'm additionally not keen on the rumours that Wand mentioned above that Fury is purposefully putting on weight in the hope of stopping Wilder. 

Mind you, I am always pessimistic when someone I like fights someones I dislike. I have my fingers crossed  that Fury boxes circles around Wilder for 12 rounds, then does the same to AJ later in the year. 

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so whats peoples plans for viewing? 

I have work Sunday morning and there's no way im avoiding the result so i need get up for it. Usually id split the cost and pay for it, but at 5am with a shite undercard i'll probably get up just for the fight. I'm actually considering listening to it on Talksport, most people would probably scoff at that but by all accounts boxing via the radio is really dramatic, if i cant figure out another way i may go for it.

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Standard fare I think, Fury will comfortably out-box Wilder for seven or eight rounds then Wilder will land a right hand out of nowhere.

There this weird 'styles make fights' deal going on for the top three heavyweight IMO. Wilder beats Fury, AJ beats Wilder, Fury beats AJ - Usyk possibly beats all of them. 

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I run live wrestling PPV viewing parties. The venue runs MMA parties too, so I’m hoping someone is putting an event on for this. The venue is a big rectangle sports bar with 18 screens and a giant 15 foot screen. I imagine £5 in. That’ll be the only way I’m watching live.

I’m only interested in the main event though, so it means a 45 min walk at 4.30am to go and watch it, if it’s on. 

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2 hours ago, AVM said:

There this weird 'styles make fights' deal going on for the top three heavyweight IMO. Wilder beats Fury, AJ beats Wilder, Fury beats AJ - Usyk possibly beats all of them. 

I used to think AJ beats Wilder but I’ve changed my mind on that over time. AJ is a quality boxer but I just wouldn’t have the confidence in him to not get caught against a devastating puncher like Wilder at some point over the course of 12 rounds. Looking at both their last few fights, AJ had moments where he looked vulnerable against Povetkin. He got stopped by Ruiz. Then even as well as he performed in the Ruiz rematch, there were still moments where he looked shaky. I know there are always going to be ‘moments’ in Heavyweight fights, and he was able to get through them against Ruiz. But I think Wilder closes the show in those moments.

Also, if a slick boxer who’s as elusive as Fury got dropped twice by him, I have a really difficult time seeing AJ avoiding it. 

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Apologies for the double post. 

Wilder watching the 12th round of the first fight;

I wonder if this round will fuck with Wilder coming into the rematch. It’s hard to imagine how it must feel to knock 40 men down and then one gets up and keeps bringing it to you. He seems as confident as ever and probably just sees that knockdown as confirmation that he can put Fury down. But it’s got to mess with him a little bit. If Fury got up from a shot like that, in the bloody 12th round, what exactly is it going to take? 

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i think both AJ and Fury are more than capable of outboxing Wilder for the duration, its just about avoiding that power. Wilder has been behind in enough fights and against must lesser fighters than AJ. So like this fight Saturday id have it down as a Wilder KO or AJ point win, though AJ does carry much more of a power threat than Fury. Makes you wonder how AJ would approach the fight cause he wary of Ruiz' power who knows how he'd react with Wilder in front of him.

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That’s the thing though, while AJ has more power than Fury, he’s also there to be hit much more than Fury. And that’s bad news against Wilder. AJ has been wobbled or dropped by Ruiz, Klitschko, Whyte, Povetkin. None of them hit like Wilder. So who’s to say how he’d cope with Wilder. Like you say, he was cautious against Ruiz the second time and Ruiz is nowhere near the KO machine Wilder is. 

I’m not saying Wilder can’t be beat. But if anyone’s going to outbox him and not get clipped, I think you’re best bet is Fury. Maybe Usyk but the jury’s still very much out on him at Heavyweight. AJ is capable of beating him, but it’s not that likely he avoids getting caught in a 12 round fight for me. Hopefully we’ll actually find out sooner rather than later. 

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