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It's not bad. It wants you to buy the season pass, but there's still plenty to do without it, plus the create a character mode and Libra Of Souls mode campaign is nice. If you enjoy the SoulCalibur games it's well worth a look. It's better than 5, but not as good as 2. Mind you that can probably be said about all of the ones that aren't 5 and 2.

Tekken 7 is good, but a lot of fighters have started doing the seasons stuff since it worked for Street Fighter 5. I can see the (non moneymaking) logic behind it as a way to keep the game fresh by introducing new characters over time, and not overwhelming new players early on with too much choice, but it's not long since all you used to have to do to unlock extra characters in a fighting game was finish the arcade ladder with a different character. 

I don't know whether Dragon Ball FighterZ is on there, but that's got a nice big story mode where you play through what I assume is truncated versions of the sagas from the show and unlock characters to play and buffs etc in the way through. Certainly one of the most RPG like story modes I've seen in a fighting game. I've not watched anywhere near as much Dragon Ball Z as I should have. If you're a fan of the Marvel Vs Capcom games it's well worth a look. 

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The Power Rangers game is surprisingly decent and has a decent MK/Injustice style story mode. Although again it seems to want you to buy the season pass. It's very similar to KOF14, I assume DB Fighters is similar?

I'm gonna pretty much blitz all the fighters on there. Might give Killer Instinct a pop, since the complete version is on.

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