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Selling advice? ROH 2009-10 DVDs


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Hi guys. I’ve got a fair few ROH DVDs I’ll never watch. I doubt there’s any money in the used ones but there’s basically all of 2010 post-Anniversary and some HDNet still sealed. I think I should ask for a bit of cash there.

Im starting with the first 4 discs of ROH on HDNet but have no idea what to ask for. I’ve been watching some listed at £75 but after a few months nobody has bought them. Any ideas what’s sensible to expect for these?

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I just had a quick look on what's been sold recently. You could probably get away with listing the HD shows for about a tenner, but they seem quite hard to come by so you could easily put them in as a 4-pack lot for around £50. 


As for the 2010, you're looking at between 10 and 20 quid.


When I sold all my PWG DVDs, which was every show from 2009 to 2015, I had them in joblots for each year at around £120 each and they all sold eventually. 

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