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Dumb shit Brendan Schaub (and other fighters) says

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Anything about jesus helping them KO someone

The McGregor quote from Twitter actually reads: "No easy feet." Christ. At least we know he's not handed his Twitter off to a social media team.

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Yeah I cringed my way through that earlier. Everything MUST be about Conor! Asking 185ers who are in the midst of cutting weight about a never happening matchup with that nob is really reaching. Then saying to Till at the end ‘so you wouldn’t be willing to drop down?’ As if he’s a fanny or something for not chopping his legs off for the ‘honour’ of sharing an Octagon with the sexpest. Shit off. 

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My favourite is when Schaub repeats something Rogan said on a previous episode and Rogan disagrees because he talks such shite himself. I remember Schaub repeated Rogan's "Russians are the hardest" line only for literal Rogan to spend ages going full "pull it up Jamie" picking apart what shite it is. Poor Schaub was just hoping for a nod of agreement but instead Rogan spent the time making them both look like fools.

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