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That's the oldest footage I'm aware of, and I don't know of any TV pre-Titanes in the early '60s. 

I don't know how good her English is, but Martin Karadagian's daughter is on Twitter and Instagram, and seems to have a notification set up for any time anyone Tweets about Titanes, as I tend to get likes from her if I do. Might be worth asking her, or the Titanes revival promotion (@TEERoficial) if they're aware of any other footage being out there, or who owns the rights if it's not public.

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Antonino Rocca was from Argentina, wasn't he? Maybe he wrestled over there before making it big in New York. His Wikipedia page (I know, I know) says Stanislaus Zbyszko trained him in Argentina which suggests there was something there in the 40s/50s... I used to know loads about Rocca (used to) but it's mostly his WWWWWWF career I'm familiar with.

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