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2020 Royal Rumble Surprise Entrant Pool


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It's my New Year's Day tradition! The Royal Rumble is on the 27th January, and it's time to make your wildest predictions for who might show up in the Men's or Women's Rumbles.

Last year had three winners: @bigfoote for Pete Dunne, @Loki for Rhea Ripley, @The King Of Swing for Io Shirai. Who will gain the honour of future-sight this year?


How to play

Pick three humans, aliens, animals or inanimate objects who you want to turn up in the Rumble!

You can just list their names, or if you want, include a picture and/or a brief description of what you think they'll do in the match.


The rules

You cannot pick any member of the active WWE rosters. This now includes NXT and NXT:UK - no members of those rosters are eligible.

Exceptions are (i) if the wrestler is currently out on long-term injury, (ii) if you change their gimmick (e.g. you give Ricochet an Irishman gimmick of Rick O'Shea) and (iii) if you live in a binary world and pick them for the opposite Rumble to their gender, i.e. Candice LeRae in the Men's match or R-Truth in the Women's.

Special attraction wrestlers like Goldberg, Undertaker or Cain Velazquez are eligible if they are not announced ahead of time.

Be specific with your gimmicks. If Mighty Molly appears but you picked Molly Holly, if doesn't count.

The deceased are allowed with the exception of the Boss Man.

Don't be boring.


That's it! Let's get ready to get excited about watching some people get ready to Rumble!


Picks so far:

AVM - Marty Scurll / Rikishi / Stacy Keibler / Cocaine Velazquez / The ghost of Pablo Escobar and his pet hippos

big7thletter - Great Khali / Kelly Kelly / X-Pac

Briefcase - Any Firefly Funhouse character

CleetusVanDamme - Ernest 'the Cat' Miller

cobra_gordo - The Kat / The Cat (Red Dwarf) / USA Kat Von D

Daily Buzzard - Dory Funk Jr / James Corden / Greg Valentine

David - Goldberg / Spike Dudley

Devon Malcolm - Lightning Kid / The Kid / 1-2-3 Kid

Doog - Lance Storm / MVP / The Godfather

eugenespeed - Tugboat / The Goon / Scooter / HM Queen Elizabeth II

FourtyTwo - Robbie Savage / Chris Sutton / Jake Humphrey

Frankie Crisp - Carlo Nash / Kate Nash / Crosby, Stills and Nash

FUM - Christian

gabbo - Barry George/Bulsara / Maven / Muffy

garynysmon - Rob Van Dam / Hacksaw Jim Duggan / Mike Modest

Gay as FOOK - Heel Coach / Hornswoggle / Kevin Webster

GeronimoJacksBeard - Steve Blackman / Black Steveman

Gordon_the_Gopher - Haku / Ricky Morton / William A Homer

Grecian - Batista / General Batista / Carlos Batista 

hallicks - Barry Manilow / Barry from Eastenders / Barry McGuigan

HarmonicGenerator - Abraham E Washington / Brother Love / Gail Kim

Harry Wiseau - Tim Martin / Velveteen Dream / Sweet Sapphire (RIP) / Tom Magee

IANdrewDiceClay - Noel Edmonds / Jim Davidson / Astro Hollywood

jazzygeofferz - Nailz / Bull Buchanan / Bruce Hart

King Pitcos - CM Punk / Beth Phoenix / Carlito

LEGIT - Papa Shango ‚Äė92 / Papa Shango ‚Äė98 / Trevor Murdoch

Lion_of_the_Midlands - Ryan Hewson / Sherri Hewson / Paul 'Bono' Hewson

Loki - Scott Steiner / Air Bourne / JBL

Lorne Malvo - Scotty 2 Hotty / AJ Lee / Prince Iaukea

Louch - The Poppy Mascot / The Rock / The Milky Bar Kid

Otto Dem Wanz - Flat Eric / Tory Boy / Richard Ord

patiirc - Nikki Bella / Brie Bella / Bella Emberg

Philjax - Killer Kross / Mr Kennedy ... Kennedy / Scarlett Bordeaux

PowerButchi - Ken Monkou

RedRooster - King Booker / Santino Marella / Santina Marella / Abyss / Whatever's in Erick Rowan's cage

scratchdj - Greenclaws / Index the Catalogue Shop / Big Ron Atkinson

sevendaughters - Stravinsky / Rod Harrington / Shoko Asahara

SheffBag - Tito Santana / Bambi / Rick Martel

Super Bacon - Babu Frik / Mike Dean / Jeff Winter

Supremo - Edge / Ronda Rousey / John Cena

theironshake - Prince Harry / Elvis Presley

The King Of Old School - Honky Tonk Man / Road Dogg / Barry Horowitz

The King Of Swing - Nia Jax / Hardcore Holly / Tatanka

ThumpSquids - El Hijo del Ice Cream / The spirit of Derek Acorah / Big Van Vader

TildeGuy~! - Paige / Brad Maddox / The "Paige Here" meme

Vamp - Baby Yoda / Snitsky / Doctor Who

Vegeta - Nick Aldis / The Question Mark / Tessa Blanchard

WyattSheepMask - The Hurricane / Stone Cold Steve Austin / Kama

Wideload90 - Ken Shamrock / Gangrel / Kevin Nash

Zookmaster - Rick Steiner / Shane McMahon / Melina


My picks



Vince McMahon has finally heard about that Kip/BG James team called V. K. M in TNA, but gets confused and assumes it's Ted Turner at work again. This is his great revenge. A. E. W. comes to the ring, gets piled on immediately, and then gets eliminated by Shorty G because it's very funny that a short person could achieve anything. WWE wins the Wednesday night war.




As a thank you for all his work on Smackers this year, Bruce Prichard has been given an entry into the Rumble match. Shorty G shoots on him but Love just hugs him over the top rope and out, eliminating himself on the process. Brother Love goes on to manage The Fiend at WrestleMania, but he takes off his jacket and nobody can see him because of the red lighting.




This is a serious one. I think it was Gail Kim's matches against Awesome Kong in TNA that really started the "women's evolution" in the USA and a spot in the Rumble is the least they could do for her in return.


Your go!

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After the Spear at Summerslam, and the endless rumours on Twitter, it feels like there could be some fire to this smoke.

Considering how much I used to love him, it’s a shame there’s almost no matches or directions I’d be particularly interested in.



Lord knows they need something to make Wrestlemania feel special this year. Plus, I simply cannot let it go that we never got Lynch vs. Rousey one-on-one.


Because he was the best and he’s sorely, sorely missed.



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I'll go Christian if he is allowed. He's never had a proper final retirement match, send him in for the pop. He's been hanging about now so possible Vince will throw him in the mix. 

Doesn't Gail Kim spend most of her day slating WWE on Twitter by the way? 

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I‚Äôm playing safe and picking ¬†Sheamus as my first pick under the ‚ÄėComing back from long-term injury‚Äô exception, seen as he‚Äôs been out since last Wrestlemania

Hurricane - because they’ve done it done before and pretended it was a big deal then

Could Austin do something to set up for something at whenever SaudiMania is? Fuck it, I’m picking him

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Ryan Hewson. Cool Ry's WrestleXpress finally finds its spiritual home, no not Strangeways, Minute Maid Park. 

Sherri Hewson. Don't let Big Dave Batista know there is someone off Loose Women about, or it could lead to the biggest facial splattering since Taka Michinoku. 

Paul Hewson. Bono has disappeared so far up his own arse that when he heard that Edge might be making an appearance he thought he was invited as well. 


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