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Best in Wrestling 2019 NOMINATIONS


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Best pro wrestler - Will Osprey, Okada, Chris Jericho

Match of the year - Okada/Sanada G1, will osprey/ Okada G1,  will/Shingo BOSJ finals

Best wrestling event -  can I vote for G1?

Best wrestling show - NXT


Moment of the Year- Shibata attacks kenta after joining the bullet club. A very old Japanese man wept next to me when I saw this, the heat was insane. Cody/Dustin post match (I was the old man in this situation)

Best babyface - Cody, 

Best heel - Jay white

Funniest moment of the year - Jericho's parody video

Best tag team - Christ I wish someone booked a decent tag division (I have heard there are some well booked British ones but I haven't seen them unfortunately

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Best pro wrestler - Chris Jericho, Kota Ibushi, Shayna Baszler

Best women's wrestler - Shayna Baszler, Io Shirai

Match of the Year - Shingo vs Ospreay (BOSJ), Ospreay vs Okada (G1), 

Best wrestling event - Wrestle Kingdom 13, NWA Into the Fire

Best wrestling show - NWA Powerrr, AEW Dynamite

Best feud or angle - AEW vs NXT

Moment of the Year - Kofi wins the big one, Dynamite launches, Question Mark's Mongrovian flag ceremony.

Best babyface - Cody Rhodes, Tim Storm, Keith Lee

Best heel - Nick Aldis, Chris Jericho

Best wrestling podcast - Wrestle Me, Post Wrestling, 

Best use of social media - Ian

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Best pro wrestler - Chris Jericho

Best women's wrestler - Io Shirai

Match of the Year - Cody v Dustin Rhodes (Double or Nothing)

Best wrestling event - NXT Takeover XXV

Best wrestling show - NXT

Best feud or angle - Kofi Kingston's battle to become Number 1 contender at WrestleMania

Moment of the Year - Jon Moxley debuts at AEW Double Or Nothing

Best babyface - Candice Lerae

Best heel - Chris Jericho, Drake Maverick

Funniest moment of the year - Dash Wilder uppercutting the fan as they were escorting him out of the Hall Of Fame

Best tag team - Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly

Best wrestling podcast - New Day: Feel The Power

Best use of social media - Oney Lorcan, Chuck Taylor

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This thread was name checked on the latest WrestleMe. Nice to have you around Marc. If it helps I don't even know who Peter Crouch is. 

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On 1/9/2020 at 8:00 AM, Onyx2 said:

This thread was name checked on the latest WrestleMe. Nice to have you around Mark. If it helps I don't even know who Peter Crouch is. 

Hahah long time reader, recent account holder (I actually joined to buy some RudoReels discs from someone selling off their collection) - and thought I'd better give you my picks, otherwise I'm hijacking the thread just to say hello!

Best pro wrestler - Will Ospreay, Chris Jericho, Okada

Best women's wrestler - Shayna Baszler, Io Shirai, Tessa Blanchard

Match of the Year - Ospreay/Takagi BOSJ, Cody / Dustin AEW Double Or Nothing, Devlin / Starr at OTT 5th Year Anniversary.

Best wrestling event - WK13, the double whammy of NXT Takeover: War Games & Survivor Series 2019 over two nights, and the G1 (as usual)

Best wrestling show - NXT

Best feud or angle - David Starr chasing an elusive win over Walter through Progress and OTT. NXT vs AEW. 

Moment of the Year - AEW announce Dynamite and their TV deal - it's the Wednesday Night Wars! (I edited this, I first put in 'formation of AEW' like a dolt)

Best babyface - Cody, Kofi Kingston, Nick Gage (who's become the least babyface babyface in wrestling history)

Best heel - Le Champion Chris Jericho, Minoru Suzuki, Walter

Funniest moment of the year - Invisible Man vs Invisible Stan at GCW Spring Break - could have been awful, but was really fun with ref Bryce Remsbury deserving all the credit. A Little Bit of the Bubbly: yes, it got overdone, but it was only overdone because it was immediately hilarious.

Best tag team - Undisputed Era

Best wrestling podcast - WRESTLE ME (no shame, we need the rub). That Peter Crouch Podcast (it's not wrestling, but we always lose to it in polls, so I fully expect it to beat us here too)

Best use of social media - Roy Lucier. The shows he puts up on a regular basis is just jaw dropping.

Honestly though, it's genuinely humbling to see Wrestle Me pop up on some of the Best Podcast suggestions. I've been reading the UKFF for years, so it really does mean a lot to me that the forum kind of likes the nonsense that Pete and I put out. OH GOD I DON'T WANT US TO LOSE TO BRUCE PRITCHARD AGAIN

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Moment of the Year Kofimania 

Best babyface Kofes. 

Best heel Daniel Bryan. 

Best wrestling podcast well yeah, it's Wrestle Me. 

Best use of social media - Ambrose posts that super professional video the very minute his WWE contract expires. 

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Best wrestler - Chris Jericho 

Match of the year - Cody vs Jericho, Bryan vs Kofi, Asuka vs Becky Lynch

Women's wrestler - Ronda Rousey

Best show - AEW Dynamite

Best fued - Cody vs Jericho 

Moment of the year - Kofi wins the title.

Best babyface - Cody

Best heel - Jericho 

Funniest moment  - inner circle parody video of Cody.

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