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Trending topics on Twitter have told me that today is National Cake Day. I will be getting a celebration "National Cake Day/UKFF's back online" cake at some point.

How does the forum feel about cake? Favourite kind, do you eat it with a fork, etc.

I'll never turn down a Victoria sponge, but in the last few years I've really come round to lemon drizzle as a go-to option. Can't get away with cupcakes that are 90% icing, though. It's taking the icing on the cake a step too far. In terms of making them myself, I do a pretty decent Mini Egg cheesecake (non-baked) which I should save for Easter but normally end up making around Royal Rumble time.

The ultimate was always to have a slice of that one Bruce Bogtrotter had in the Matilda film.

 bruce bogtrotter matilda GIF



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2 minutes ago, Chest Rockwell said:

Baked cheesecakes are shit. Dry and heavy and bland. Non baked ones are amazing and some of the best cakes possible. Either chocolate or fruit. I like both but prefer fruit ones. My secret ingredient is using lotus biscuits for the base.

Firstly: "YOU BASTARD" - my waistline upon reading the tip to use Lotus biscuits. Especially as I'm already eating Biscoff spread on toast.

Secondly: I love set cheesecakes, but I've had some amazing baked cheesecakes that were neither dry nor heavy. My friend's mum made one of the finest baked cherry cheesecakes I'd ever tasted, and it was moist and fluffy (one for the no-context thread there). Think she might have whipped the cream cheese beforehand.

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I made a custard cream cheesecake during the UKFF blackout. Custard creams for the base obviously, with a very vanilla filling and then broken up custard creams for decoration. Absolute filth but tasty as you like. 

My favourite cake would be any variation of sponge, but with a preference for lemon or orange. I also like a roulade. 

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To answer the question - on a cold winter's day you can't go wrong with some Angel cake, cut in half, warm custard - bosh. Also a massive fan of McVitie's ginger cake much the same way. 

If we're talking miniature then its Bakewell tarts (if they count) and French Fancies, as well as those lovely lemon slices with the tangy icing on them.


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3 hours ago, Rey_Piste said:

They had a couple of good songs, but they had any big hits. This is my favourite track from them.


I like their covers. Some of their original stuff is also decent. 

I also immediately thought of Brass Eye. 

You don't get into the shape I'm in by not liking cake. I've not had a nice battenberg for ages, but I'm hoping for some top drawer Christmas cake at some point. 

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