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Cain Velasquez - What do we think?


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7 hours ago, MVP RULZ said:

Maybe that's how?

Take more money per week/Month/Year however they get paid but run the risk of being fired on a whim

Or get paid substantially less but have a guaranteed 5 years of income.

Had anyone ever had a no Cut clause though?

It's not so much a case of having a "no cut clause" but rather having a contract that doesn't specifically allow early termination by the promoter without cause.

Looking back through some that have been made public:

Warrior didn't have an early termination clause in 96 (so they had to fire him for a breach, namely no-showing.)

Lesnar's 2002 contract let WWE cut him early but with six months notice.

Owen Hart didn't have an early termination clause. Well, except that it had a clause that terminated on death, which, well...

Most guys in the past 10-15 years seem to have 90 days.

Evan Singleton had a developmental contract with 30 days.

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9 hours ago, Chris B said:


I’m still confused why they had him win that Immunity Battle Royal and then did nothing at all with the “can’t be fired for a year” stipulation. I get that it was Test, but if that was the issue, why have him win it? Even in the mid-card, someone dastardly like Regal running around knowing he could do anything with no consequences (until the night after Survivor Series 02) could have been great.

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