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Commentary teams that never were.


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Seeing Jerry Lawler back on the commentary desk on Raw this week (and being the best commentator they've had since the last time he was a regular at the desk) got me thinking about how, as strange as it is, it would have been possible to get a Tony Schiavone and Jerry Lawler commentary partnership, in 2019.

It's kind of damning of the commentary landscape, that those two are still better than pretty much everyone else out there. Imagine how good they could have been at their peak if they had chemistry as a pair? 

Who would you put together at the desk, that never actually worked together? Either a terrible pair of commentators for shits and giggles, or a pair/three person booth that you think could have been really good had the circumstances been different. 

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10 minutes ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:




I should have known somebody else would have thought this was a good idea! I'm going to guess, since it was the XWF, neither of these guys bothered with putting in even half a shift? 

Good way to start the thread Alan. Real smooth. ūüôĄ

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6 hours ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

They were pretty decent together actually. Both seemed up for it. Lance Russell and Bobby Heenan would have been amazing together. Nobody was better at freigning disgust at a good one liner like Lance.

"Oh come on. Don't start with that stuff" pisses all over "will you stop?". 

I still say Russell and Michael Hayes was the best PbP with heel colour man team ever mainly because of Russells disdain for the words of Hayes. Imagine the fun it'd have been with Heenan. Spunk everywhere. 


I'm a similar vein I'd loved to have heard Dave Brown with Corny, Hayes or Heenan too. Disdain at it's best.  Probably because he was totally fucking fuming as a shoot with his charity work and position as top weather man at WMC5.




Fuck me ragged, Russell and Brown were amazing. 

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Lance Russell and Jesse Ventura for me, even moreso than Russell and Heenan.

While Heenan was amazing, and at times could add so much to a story, Ventura on a match-to-match basis felt like a more believable heel analyst - he wasn't just supporting the baddies because that was his job, or making excuses for them, he fundamentally believed that they were in the right.

That combined with Lance Russell, who wasn't just a by-the-books babyface announcer, but also a welcoming, familiar Saturday morning TV presence, would be wonderful.

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