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Wrestling Show/event recommendations please!

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Hi, with everything going on i lost my interest in wrestling and have not watched much at all since wrestle mania of this year. I am looking to try and get my mojo back and i am looking for show recommendations that i can watch to get back into it, any shows from any promotion since wrestle mania basically. 

The only shows i am not too keen on watching would be death match ones 


thanks all 

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I've got a list back on my home comp Ralphus, so I'll throw some reccs here later. You can't go wrong with AEW's Double Or Nothing though, and if you skip the main event deathmatch then GCW's Spring Break 3:Part 1 is a brilliant show (and one of my 'Show Of The Year' front runners).


I'll save the double post @Ralphy

OTT Homecoming has the incredible David Starr vs Jordan Devlin match (currently up their with my MOTY nominations), PAC vs WALTER and a whole lot of Ireland's best. You can't go wrong with OTT ScrapperMania either, which has WALTER vs Jordan Devlin.

As for NXT,  Takeover: New York is your best. Definitely the strongest post-Mania' Takeover.

As I mentioned above, GCW's Spring Break 3 Part 1 is an incredibly fun show that features the highly acclaimed Invisible Man vs Invisible Stan and Dustin 'No Legs' Thomas vs Tony Deppen, which was Dustin's first breakout match.

New Japan put on a few strong shows, but it's hard for me to recommend many due to them being half-filled with guff tags. I'd say Dominion (Ospreay vs Dragon Lee, Naito vs Ibushi, Okada vs Jericho) and G1 Climax: Dallas (Ospeay vs Archer, Sabre Jr vs SANADA, Okada vs Tanahashi). There's probably a few G1 shows from that tour worth checking out but there's plenty of G1 recommendation lists out there that cover that.


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