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Things you were led to believe were Important.


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I did one of these. I has never been looked at my me or anyone since 2001. 

In my school we had something called a Blue Referral. This was a blue document filled out with details of any seriously bad shit you'd done documented on it and kept on your permanent file. If you accidentally set off the fire alarm whilst trying to give Ashley North beats in the drama block, you got a detention and Blue Referral, and this would seriously impact your future employment. It seems crazy to me now, but we were convinced that these would follow us through life. I thought they were in all schools, but a good search brings up nothing. 

What guff did you lap up because your tiny mind knew no better? 


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Adding to the opening post. GCSE grades & References are two things I don't think anyone has ever asked me for or my previous employers for.

Which tells me that either nobody really bothers or cares these days (exceptions being working with children, police, airports etc) or they just believe the bullshit I usually put on mine (grades that is). I suppose its about work experience and how you come across in interviews rather than grades on paper or a reference.

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GCSE French was a massive one. Word around the campfire when I was picking my options circa May 1999 was that you couldn't get into University without a GCSE in French. A myth propagated by my French teacher. 


I picked Drama instead, which was a massive boon in parking the pink bus when I went to University for my Batchelors. 

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