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Huge Indy DVD Sale - ROH/CZW/PWG/Chikara/XPW

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Sadly, I'm moving country so need to sell off my huge DVD collection (over 3k titles at this point!)

90% of the below are originals, will notify you if not when you contact me. Looking for between 3-5 each but happy to do bulk deals. Feel free to make offers also, will do free shipping for orders of 3 or more.  Lots more to be listed over the coming weeks.

ROH Compilations/Shoots

  • Man Up - Best of the Briscoes
  • Terry Funk & Shane Douglas
  • Christopher Daniels
  • Percy Pringle
  • Brad Armstrong
  • Mr Fuji
  • Ron Killings
  • Francine
  • Marc Mero
  • The Fantastics
  • One Man Gang
  • Ken Patera
  • Jim Cornette & Bill Watts
  • Secrets of the Ring with Al Snow¬†
  • Global Wars 2015

Misc Shoot Interviews:

  • Scott Steiner
  • The Outsiders
  • Faceoff with the Honkey Tonk Man and Raven
  • Nick Dinsmore
  • Tammy Lynn Sytch
  • Nick Mondo

Misc Documentaries

New Jack: Hardcore
101 Reasons Not to Be a Pro Wrestler
The Backyard
The Wrestling Road Diaries
Beyond the Mat
Thumbtack Jack - Cutting Deep (2 Discs)
Unscarred: The Life of Sick Nick Mondo
Hitman Hart - Wrestling With Shadows (10th Anniversary Collector's Edition, including The Life & Death of Owen Hart DVD, 2 Discs)
Pro Wrestlings Ultimate Insiders: Inside the World Wrestling Federation
History & Tradition: The Story of the NWA
The Last of McGuinness (Special Edition)
WXW - Inside the Triangle
The Unreal Story of Professional Wrestling 
Card Subject to Change
Life in the Fast Lane (RF Video)

Wrestling Society X

The Complete First and Last Season (4 Discs)



Cage of Death 

Climbing the Ladder 
Cage of Death 2 - After Dark

Stretched in Myrna 
Who's the Boss? 
UnF'Nbelievable (2 Discs)
What About Lobo 
Tables, Ladders, Violence 
War Station 44 
And Justice For All 
Cage of Death 3 (2 Discs)
Destruction in Dover 
Enter the Zone 
Breakaway Brawl 
The H8 Club Dead 

Ultraviolent Tournament of Death  (2 Discs)
The Time It's Personal (2 Discs)
Best of the Best 2 (2 Discs)
Cage of Death 4 (2 Discs)
High Stakes (2 Discs)
No Excuses (2 Discs)
Ultraviolent Freedom of Expression (2 Discs)

Best of the Best 3 (2 Discs)
Ultraviolent Tournament of Death 2 (2 Discs)
Cage of Death 5 (2 Discs)
Pain in the Rain 2 (Disc 2 Only) 

Apocalypse: His Time Has Come 
Cage of Death 6 (3 Discs)
Bring on the Pain (2 Discs)
Best of the Best 4 (3 Discs)
Trifecta Elimination 2 (3 Discs)
Ultraviolent Tournament of Death (2 Discs)
High Stakes (2 Discs)
Ultraviolent Underground Vol. 1 (2 Discs)

Ultraviolent Tournament of Death (3 Discs)
Down with the Sickness Forever (3 Discs)
Cage of Death 7 (3 Discs)
A Big Muthaf'n Deal (2 Discs)
Point of No Return (2 Discs)
Deja Vu (3 Discs)
Violent by Design (3 Discs)

Expect the Unexpected 2006
Last Team Standing 2006 (2 Discs)
7 Years Strong: Settling the Score 2006 (2 Discs)
An Afternoon of Main Events 2006
Prelude to Violence 2006 (2 Discs)
Any Questions? Your Move! 2006 (2 Discs)
FEAR: The Ultraviolent Return 2006 (2 Discs)
Best of The Best 6 2006 (3 Discs)
When 2 Worlds Collide 2006 (2 Discs)
Trapped 2006
Down with the Sickness 4ever 2 2006 (2 Discs)
Tournament of Death 5 2006 (2 Discs)
Cage of Death 8 2006 (2 Discs)

New Year, New Opportunities 2007
Cage of Death 9 2007 (2 Discs)
Tournament of Death 6 (3 DVD)

Cage of Death 10 (2 Discs)
A Tangled Web (2 Discs)
Tournament of Death 7 (3 DVD)

Cage of Death 11
Tournament of Death 8 (3 DVD)

Cage of Death 12 (2 Discs)
Tournament of Death 9 (2 Discs)
Southern Violence A Tangled Web 3 (2 Discs)
Triangle of Ultraviolence (2 Discs)

Cage of Death 13 (2 Discs)
Tournament of Death 10 (2 Discs)
Best of the Best 2011
Proving Grounds 2011 (2 Discs)

New Heights
An Excellent Adventure
Tournament of Death 11 (2 Discs)
Tournament of Death - Europe
World Triangle Tour - (5 Discs)
Down With the Sickness 2012 
Cage of Death 14 (2 Discs)

14th Anniversary
Wanted 2013

Live at Wrestlecon (2013)
Tournament of Death 12 (2013)
Best of the Best XII (2013)
New Heights 2013
Ascension 2013
Proving Grounds 2013
Tangled Web 6


The Best of the Black Army
Damage Inc.


2015 UK Sampler
2016 UK Sampler


PWG Sells Out: The Best of PWG Volume 1 (3 Discs)
All Star Weekend 6 Night 1 
All Star Weekend 6 Night 2
All Star Weekend 7 Night 1 
All Star Weekend 7 Night 2
All Star Weekend 8 Night 1
All Star Weekend 8 Night 2
BOLA 2012 Night One
BOLA 2012 Night Two
Failure to Communicate 2012
BOLA 2011 
DDT 4 2013 
Life During Wartime 
One Hundred
Card Subject To Change III
Is Your Body Ready (2013)
Ten (2013)
PWG BOLA 2013 Night 1
PWG BOLA 2013 Night 2


Oolitic - 10/11/03 (VHS->DVD Convert)
Eddie Gilbert Memorial Show (2 Discs)
King of the Deathmatch 1997 (2 Discs)
King of the Deathmatch  2000 (2 Discs)
House of Hardcore - 2 Year Anniversary Show 2002 (2 Discs)
King of the Deathmatch 2005 (2 Discs)
King of the Death Match 2008 (4 Discs)
Teddy Petty Invitational 2004 (6 Discs)
When Hero Met Punk
Best of 2002
March Massacre 2006
Ted Petty Invitational 2007 (4 Discs)
Ted Petty Invitational 2006 Night One (2 Discs)
Ted Petty Invitational 2006 Night Two (3 Discs)


Blood, Brawls and Broads
United We Stand, Divided We Brawl
The Right to Remain Violent
Ravens Rules
A Night for the Flyboy


Sold Out 05
Attack of the Masked Flippers 05
Evening the Odds 05
In Full Force 05
Unstoppable 05
Fallout 05
Violence is the Answer 05
Strength in Numbers 05
X Factor 05
Heatstroke 06 Night One
Heatstroke 06 Night Two
Fallout 06
Southern Justice 06
Second Year Spectacular Night One
House of Hardcore
House of Hardcore 1
House of Hardcore 2
House of Hardcore 3
Nick Gage Invitational
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Thanks to everyone that's bought so far, I'll update the list over the weekend, lots gone but still quite a bit of PWG left. I have had some delays with posting and have included extras to account for this. New job and planning a move to the US at the same time is incredibly time consuming and stressful so appreciate your understanding. If you could let me know on here once they've arrived, I'd really appreciate it.

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