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Lost Money From Promoters?


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41 minutes ago, BomberPat said:

Before I was working shows, some of the guys I work with were on a show run by Shane Stevens. I forked out for the full VIP ticket thing, as it was the only way to get front row tickets, and I wanted to be there supporting the lads. The VIP ticket was meant to also get you a DVD of the event sent to you after the fact.

Obviously, no DVD ever surfaced. And because we started running shows shortly after, people assumed we'd run that one as well, and it was at least two years before we stopped getting complaints about those bloody DVDs.

Well, when y’all stick “WRESTLING” at the top of your posters…

I kid (somewhat) 😄

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Putting "WRESTLING" as the biggest word on the poster was actually diktat from myself when we first started out - I'd seen too many posters, not just for wrestling but for live music and whatnot, where they were clearly too proud of the cool name they'd come up with for their show, so that was the biggest, boldest thing on the poster, and you had to strain to find the actual relevant information - what, where, when. So I was insistent on "WRESTLING" being the most obvious word on every poster, so anyone walking past would immediately know what it was about.

It helps that, 99% of the time, we don't have any competition, though!

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