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The AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite Thread


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I'm now entirely convinced that they book their shows, realise that they haven't done a women's match and then just chuck something in. I get that maybe they don't see much in Jamie Hayter (even if I would disagree with that) but she's already entirely pointless as Britt's enforcer. 

I get Suzuki was booked because Mox wanted to wrestle him but it seems mad to book him and not do the whole entrance song. That's half the point. There's also this weird disconnect where Tony seems to be hyping up a Mox/Omega match that doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon. 

Feels a bit like Darby and MJF have been shuffled back down the card by the arrival of Punk/Bryan etc but at least with MJF they have a chance to get Pillman Jr over.

I have no interest in Hardy vs Cassidy at all. 

That all said, I thought the show was quite good for moving things on and freshening things up. 

Fair play to them too if the Taz/Punk stuff was them pointing fun at their own "Punk comes out and says some stuff while crowd cheers" booking from recent weeks. 

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I’m not sure about MJF going “it’s not cheap heat, actually” and then going for cheap heat. If you’re gonna do it, do it like Kurt Angle subtly poking on a sore spot for the local sports team, not “I’m not doing a promo, I really hate this city!”, in the most obvious promo voice ever. Too transparent. 

I don’t mind Tazz as a relatively genial colour/heel commentator, but it’s just weird for him to flip into psycho heel manager whilst still at the table. 

Still not sold on Adam Cole. If you want to be a heel, don’t have a big “all the crowd joining in saying my name and catchphrase” bit. 

Overall a good show though. Tough to follow an absolute banger of a PPV but they kept it relatively simple and moved a few things along. 

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37 minutes ago, Pinc said:

MJF’s cheap heat shtick is great. Its his whole thing. He takes the low road on everything. Take that off him and I’m not sure what else differentiates him.

It’s fine, it’s been around forever and always will be, I’m just not keen on the “I’m being 100% truthful, this isn’t a normal promo” promo, during the promo.

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Good lord. What a card. All your demos are belong to us. I don’t even know how you compete against this. They’ve already done the cash-in. Goldberg vs. Big E on Monday, perhaps?

Belting episode with an amazing crowd, highlighted by the pops the match graphics for next week got. What a run this company is on when match graphics get big pops. Omega vs. Danielson! Sting wrestling again! Yes!

My favourite part was probably Brian Pillman. What a great little promo. Much like this week’s NXT it’s becoming clearer and clearer that it’s far more exciting and interesting watching young guys try new stuff, figure it out and find a groove than it is to watch highly competent guys going through the motions and delivering at a consistently high level. It’s almost like everyone in the business is so good these days that those who aren’t quite there yet are the most fun to follow.

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Well, that show was an absolute blast, and next week looks set to be even better. 

I'm still not mad about what MJF is doing. What exactly is his motivation to pick a fight with the Pillman family? "To be a dick" just doesn't cut it for me. Chris Jericho making a gay joke in 2021 was also pretty eye-rolling. The blandness of Kazarian doesn't get mentioned enough, he's one of the few AEW wrestlers who the crowd just don't care about. 

Outside of those minor gripes, this was a stellar show, and left me pumped for next week. I really hope they put Black over Cody when they face off, he's absolutely compelling to watch, and one of the few AEW debuts that hasn't required any tinkering at all. He's great. 

I loved Miro not giving a shit about winning a car from Fuego, and generally being insulted by the proposal. Hangman vs. Miro for the AEW title, eventually, is a match I really want to see. 

Although Jericho's gay joke was pathetic, his confrontation with Dan Lambert was generally fun. I'm really looking forward to the tag match between Hager/Jericho and Men of the Year, and I hope the MOTY go over - they've evolved into a really fun tag team. 

Dante Martin continues to impress me. I didn't really get an idea as to how his brother compares, but I'm really looking forward to finding out.  

I wonder if they'll debut Ric Flair with Andrade at the Arthur Ashe show? I don't think Andrade needs him, the subtitled promos and Jose works well enough for me, but I suspect we'll see at least one debut. 

I'm absolutely buzzing for next week, the line-ups are off-the-charts good. They crazy thing is, there is so much depth in that roster, it doesn't even scratch the surface as to what they have to offer in terms of matches. It's such an exciting time to be a wrestling fan. 

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12 minutes ago, Louch said:

Omega has to win next week. Even if it’s dirty as hell, to send Bryan away getting wins for a rematch later in the year. 

If it was me booking (and I fully expect any stick that comes my way!) I would like to see it go to a 30 minute time limit draw, then on the next live edition of Rampage which I think is October 15th, go to a 60 minute time limit draw thanks to the Elite constantly interfering at different times to distract the ref etc.

Then hopefully Hangman comes back and gets a few wins and gets back in the rankings to challenge at Full Gear, would leave Danielson finding a partner (CM Punk) to go against the Young Bucks in the other big Full Gear match.

Danielson and Omega could then have a big match at the next PPV to prove who's the better man as I don't think that match needs the title.

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That show was shitty. In that they said shit about a million times. Enough of that please.

Despite all the odds, Shawn Spears is one of my faves to watch currently. He's really great. Amazing turnaround. The Darby match and post match was all great stuff. FTR vs Sting/Allin is perfect booking. 

Everything else on the show was fine. Insane cards next week for sure. I miss Hangman. Feels like a lot of good stuff is happening but I could do with a few really strong stories.

Oh yeah, Adam Cole is not good at this wrestling stuff. Generic, average in the ring and bad on the mic. His baybay schtick is embarrassing. 

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