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The AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite Thread

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I mean, it's pretty incredible on live pay per view to send a man out to climb up scaffolding after he's just brained himself flat into concrete, knocked himself out and then afterwards been sent off to the hospital with a possible concussion and I swear I've read a few reports of concerns of a fracture all for the purposes of not wanting to be booked into a corner about his career being finished due to referee stoppage. 

Incredible is still the right word. Incredibly fucking stupid but incredible nonetheless. 

I love AEW and I've on the whole been incredibly positive about the company but that entire PPV was a shambles, on so many different levels. 

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Right people, right time, just the wrong location.

Fucking hell who’s arsed. Let people get excited about things.

For a TV Guide photoshoot promoting a new wrestling show, this is what you want to see. Not you brothers wedding reception, like those cunts above. You're selling professional wrestling. Nothing else.

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The highs were average and the lows were watching a man's head go splat...... How their wasn't brain matter on the floor is beyond me.

Easily the worst ppv they've put out. 

Dustin rhodes is a fucking boss though. 

Eddie Kingston was never eliminated BTW, and archer left over the top rope, so Eddie is my no1 contender. 

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I'm really trying with AEW, there is a lot of good there, definitely the good outweighs the bad, however the shots at WWE just take me out of it, it's not needed. The Kip Sabian segment for example, Kip showing a link to his Twitch account was tongue in cheek and subtle enough to be numerous, the 'AEW approved this message' just wasn't needed. We all know you let your guys do what they want, but there is no need to shoe horn in digs on every show.

Thought All Out was good, however I think the same for All Out as I did for Takeover, both shows have thrown so much in to Wednesday nights that the PPV's don't feel any different. Wrestling needs crowds back as soon as possible. 

Matt Cardona (I can't hear that name without thinking Mid Cardona now after this thread) getting all angry and sweary is just weird seeing as we know he's a mega geek. Dustin should not be dossing with scrubs like QT and Cardona. If he doesn't get a World Title run here, then it's never happening which is a super shame.

My thoughts against the Young Bucks is a very strange one, as I can't stand them in a wrestling setting. They're just so smug and unlikeable (definitely more suited to heels), however I've heard them on podcasts and they come across great and super likeable, I can't understand why they are so different inside and outside of the ring.

They couldn't stick the landing on the Omega heel turn. Accidental V-Trigger, then fannying about with a trestle table ages after FTR had left drinking their non-discript beer. Seemed to go against all the ground work that they have laid down over recent weeks. Complete WWE finish. Also, does Hardwood look a lot more bloated in the face these days since he debuted?

Sydal botching the SSP made me laugh, he looked smaller than ever here. Trent should be a singles guy, he's great.

Why has Pentagon Jr changed his name? I presume I've missed something.

I winced at Matt Hardy hitting his head on the floor after the spear from the lift. 

AEW must be the most legit competition we've had since WCW, however I'm not sure the audience is there to be top dog, I fear that if WWE ever does the unimaginable and falls, wrestling in the mainstream would drop off.

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15 minutes ago, Nick James said:

The Kip Sabian segment for example, Kip showing a link to his Twitch account was tongue in cheek and subtle enough to be numerous, the 'AEW approved this message' just wasn't needed.

That was clever, funny and subtle. Absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. 

But if you're going to take shots at anybody, be whiter than fucking white. Don't let lads nearly kill themselves and then climb high in the air for a spot.

AEW is great. Lots about it is the only reason I'm watching anything to do with wrestling right now. But it's hard to love when there's always something shitty overshadowing everything. 

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26 minutes ago, Nick James said:

Also, does Hardwood look a lot more bloated in the face these days since he debuted?

I think both of FTR have been dabbling with the juice, Cash in particular looks jacked to the gills atm. 

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Tooth and Nail was fine and better than all the WWE cinematic matches bar Taker/AJ but why did it open the show. 

Bucks/Jurassic should have opened. Really good match. The Bucks are great

Casino Battle Royale was alright. Right guy won. That Sydal botch was something. Also, Sydal being a surprise was TNA-esque tbh

The Matt Hardy deal was troubling. People are going to shit on AEW and rightfully so but wrestling in general has a problem in dealing with concussions. Dr Samson is an ex WWE guy and probably has a mentally installed of "toughing it out" 

Shida/Rosa was really good. Shida might actually be the most underrated wrestler in either of the big two right now. 

Anyone who didn't find the Sabian twitch plug funny needs a sense of humour bypass. 

I enjoyed the 8 man. Cardona is alright. Dustin is awesome. Brodie/Dustin should be really good on Wednesday 

Right team won the tag titles. Omega is turning heel (all is right with the world) Match was really good if 10 mins too long. The big collision between Page and Omega didn't actually happen though (sad face) 

I enjoyed Mimosa Mayhem. I'll never not enjoy being thrown/falling into pool of liquid. 

World title match was a Mox Special and that's fine by me. The finish was not a big surprise. I've read people talking about the top face shouldn't be cheating. I'm fine with someone like Mox not being close to white meat babyfaces. He's a "I don't give a fuck" face and I don't have a problem with that

People have called this the worst AEW PPV so far and I get that. There was nothing out of this world unlike all the other PPVs. I thought Stadium Stampede aside Double or Nothing was bang average and that was the worst PPV. All Out was good with some flaws. 




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2 hours ago, tiger_rick said:

That was clever, funny and subtle. Absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. 


Oh I agree, it was one of their better digs, it was more the graphic that flashed up that just seems to be one step over for me. I chuckled when Penelope held up the sign, then the graphic flashed up and it's an eye roll from me. Subtle was the sign, the AEW endorses this just made it seem like they were bragging.

EDIT: Having had to drive to two separate B&Q's due to lack of stock, I had a think in the car and maybe I was a little harsh in my judgement of the dig. It wasn't 'sloppy shop' levels of digs so I am happy they've toned it down that much. 

Taz and Schiavone should be the two man booth, they're great. JR is a decade past it and two decades past his peak.

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Just now, Nick James said:

Why has Pentagon Jr changed his name? I presume I've missed something.

It's to do with marketing.  AAA owns the Pentagon Jr. name and had allowed him to use that name in AEW because the two groups work together, however AEW wanted the name change for merchandising and other projects (Penta himself owns the rights to Penta Cero M).

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1 minute ago, Magnum Milano said:

It's to do with marketing.  AAA owns the Pentagon Jr. name and had allowed him to use that name in AEW because the two groups work together, however AEW wanted the name change for merchandising and other projects (Penta himself owns the rights to Penta Cero M).

Ahh, I see. I actually prefer his new name, rather than Pentagon Jr.

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Having not really slept but watched stuff back, it just felt like a really long, slightly awful episode of Dynamite for me. 

Outside of Sydal obviously losing his balance or grip amongst the smoke and fireworks there seemed to be a fair few mistakes and fuck ups throughout the match and the ending with Jake Roberts waving a snake inside a bag and trying to hit Eddie with it while his two new mates but not the other two try and pull Archer off the ring was just bizarre and so badly planned out. 

Bucks/Express was great and for how annoying some people find Stunt on here, they know there's always money in someone twatting him out of his hat. 

I had headphones in for Tooth and Nail and wasn't really paying as much attention as I should when I had Reba screaming "oh my god you've stabbed her!" while covered in a banana skin and I still don't really know how I'm typing that out. 

The 8 man held its purpose for the most part. It seems odd they've just completely had Sky leave SCU and nobody's mentioned a thing, but Dustin being backed up by Cody's mates as he tries to get his hands on Lee and Co wasn't harmful for me. 

Having Kenny faf about with a table rather than just grab a chair took away from it all a little bit. The match itself was pretty good if again feeling a little mashed up here and there. I did like the visual of Kenny just walking away from Page and letting him drop, that alone could have been the perfect end. He's not angry enough to beat him but he's done always having to help him but not get the same response. 

The final two matches I was just too tired to really take much of. It was cool to see Cassidy take the win and where this could lead next, Jericho in his Japan madman stage could work well with the rest of the Inner Circle starting to doubt he's the person to lead them could be a good way forward. 

Moxley's match I'll remember more for yet another fan trying to grab a wrestler moments, I know the whole idea is he doesn't do things conventionally, but at this stage is it probably not worth him avoiding being around anybody not employed by the company? The finish itself works well and adds to a rematch in November, depending on when Archer gets his shot. 

There was more good than bad sure but overall after such a great build up a lot of it just missed the mark. The Hardy thing is a complete joke as well, can't wait to see how they try and spin that one with most of the wrestling media going mad at them. 

Edit: completely forgot about Thunder Rosa and Shida, not because it was bad but I genuinely think because it was as good as I hoped it would be and in amongst all that rambling above it would have been a complete shift change. Great match, hope they face off again, I like the possibility of some NWA crossover, Khan seems like he'd be up for adding some "wrestling tradition" and it could be another way to get a different belt onto Cody again. 

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Thought it was a below average show, which is a shame because a lot of the build has been great.

The Tooth and Nail Match was what it was, I've no interest at all in Big Swole but Baker at least hammed it up enough. The spot with the syringe made me cringe, I bet if you're afraid of dentists this match was hell on earth to watch.

Jurassic Express vs The Bucks should have opened as said above, great exciting tag match.

Shida vs Thunder was the MOTN, I enjoy both of them but it's a shame the AEW Women's Division is a joke because chances are we won't see either of them for more than 5 minutes for the next month.

Casino Battle Royale was shite. Having individual entrances now is better than bringing everyone in with no music like they used to, but the rules still make the pacing garbage. Matt Sydal being a surprise was flat because who cares about Matt Sydal even 5 years ago, never mind now. To have him then botch and nearly die immediately just killed any reason to take him serious. Personally I'd have had Eddie Kingston come in as the Joker and win it. 

Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara was a nightmare. Hardy nearly dies 5 minutes into the match, they um and ah about even stopping it, then they stop it, then they restart it. Aside from the fact Hardy brained himself on concrete and should have went to a medical facility straight away, it was all over the place by stopping and starting so what they did eventually manage to somehow do was really fucking bad. An unprofessional shit show.

Skipped the 8 man because the Dustin vs Lee match they're doing on Dynamite should have been here, and I'll be fucked if I'm watching Zack Ryder and QT Marshall fight jobbers in a meaningless 8 man. Brodie Lee should have ripped up and won outright. No reason to have Team Sunday Night Heat go over. Just have Cabana make some other mistake in the match instead to further that.

Mimosa Mayhem was OK. Right guy went over and now hopefully they both move on to other things. Orange Cassidy is wearing thinner and thinner and I'm not sure where he goes from here.

Hangman and Kenny vs FTR was decent but post-match was underwhelming. Should have been a big moment and it's more floundering.

Main Event was better than expected but if you ban a move from the match and then just do it when the ref isn't looking, I'm not a fan of that. Is there a time limit on reverse decisions? Surely MJF just plays the tape and either reverses the decision or gets a rematch. Shitty finish.

Overall, 3 good matches, some averages ones, and a few shit ones. Glad I didn't stay up and pay for it.

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Definitely their weakest PPV to date, and possibly my least favourite PPV of 2020 for a variety of reasons.

They should never have let the Matt Hardy match continue. I don’t know enough about concussion protocol to know whether the medical staff had enough time to clear him, but the fact he went to hospital afterwards suggests to me they took an unnecessary risk. They can’t go taking dogs at WWE for their shittyness when they’re letting things like that happen.

Jim Ross was horrendous on this PPV. Granted it was far, far too long and at times I felt like I didn’t want to be watching it, but he gave that impression from the opening match. His inexplicable rant at Excalibur for saying ‘only two!’ during the Young Bucks match was incredibly uncomfortable. At its worst his treatment of Excalibur feels like bullying, at its best it’s a massive distraction.

The announcing is so much better when Taz is on commentary, he’s great. 

As cruel as this is, I hope it’s a one and done for Matt Sydal. He doesn’t add anything to that company that they don’t already have. 

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Did Anna Jay have a wardrobe malfunction? Maybe that was wishful thinking on my part.

Jim Ross in 2020. Fucking get rid.


Matt/Sammy was a fucking disaster, everything else was decent to good with tthe exception of the battle royal which was fine until the final stretch which was a sloppy mess.

Glad Archer won.

Liked the finish to the main event.

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Watched this this morning with the sound off (I'm on puppy watch the next few weeks, so it's 5am starts, poop-scooping, and cuddles) so apologies if I missed anything on commentary.

Skipped the dentist match immediately. As much as I love Baker as a character, I've got no interest in Big Swole or a cluttered brawl with the personalities involved.

My opinions on the Bucks must be widely known by now, so I'll just say Matt had no spring in his legs and I laughed when he was too short to tumble over the top rope on a suplex. Jack was MVP here, ticking all the boxes and improving all the time, and even Luchasaurus had a good night, getting his timing right and getting some decent height on his backflips. It's amazing the difference having your mask on tight enough so you don't need to adjust it after every spot can make.

Casino Battle Royale highlighted how they really need to do more to differentiate the look of these 'big' shows from TV. Just changing the default lighting isn't enough. It's something that makes me wonder what happens between taping. I get that it's still locked down and budgets are tight, but it genuinely feels like Tony and the Elite are booking the show but no production happens til everyone get there on the day. This show needed green felt, chips, roulette wheels, giant cards, themed graphics and sidebars. Instead a grip had clearly got a good deal on Big Grey Boxes at the cash and carry. Hardy death plunge? Big grey box. Guevara revenge splat? Big grey box. Mimosa mayhem? TWO big grey boxes.

Match was the expected cluster fuck. More Jake badness - keep him in pretapes in spookily-lit rooms and away from ringside. Happy that Chuck got fucked off immediately by P&P. Enjoyed the visual of a ring full of Archer, Cage, Butcher and Hobbs - that'd be some meat-slappin' right there. Glad Archer got the W, especially with him filling up and sweating all over the ringside cameras.

Get Thunder Rosa a contract immediately. No surprise that this match stalled during the headsprings and stunt prep but got some fire for the striking and big moves. Loved Rosa grinning like a maniac after kicking out of the falcon arrow at one.

Drifted in and out of the 8 man. Dustin is a national treasure - there's something I find really satisfying watching him go into his flow of fire moves, even if the Canadian destroyer can fuck right off (just do a piledriver, you 6 foot 6 idiot!). QT was pasty white noise. Cardona was orange white noise, but doesn't own a ring, so I really don't know what they've got out of bringing him in and letting him act out what he thinks a main eventer is. Really good Dark Order angle though, especially with Evil Uno staying with Colt at the end. It's a testament to this angle that instead of sighing about them dragging this out, I'm genuinely intrigued whether Uno is doing Lee's bidding or not. I think he is, rather than there being dissension in the ranks. Or I could be wrong, and the roster for AEW 23 on the PS7 will have separate tabs for Dark Order, New Dark Order, the Dark Pac, and NDO Teal & Puce.

Turned the sound on for Dust's postmatch and wasn't disappointed. Such an awesome reaction to being told he's getting Brodie, both ecstatic and bricking it but trying not to show it. If Goldie isn't giving promo lessons between tapings, then something's very wrong.

Fuck sake, Kenny, just DO SOMETHING. I'm getting pretty sick now of every angle being such-and-such ALMOST doing something. Especially as I don't think I get why Omega is so angry at him. Page's behaviour hasn't been surprising, and as far as I know, Kenny hasn't done anything to try to help him. FTR might've played on his insecurity, but when a couple of weeks ago your own tag partner and fellow champion says the Bucks are better than you, to hell that guy.

If FTR are on the juice, Cash is doing well and Dax's dealer needs firing. As fun as it is watching them rattle of tag team finisher greatest hits, I wish they'd stick to getting one or two over as theirs.

Was hoping for a mimosa pool around the ring a la Spring Break Nitro. Got two end of season sale lazyspas. They didn't even turn the jets on for some real bubbly. If there was a match that needed interference and shenanigans, it was this one. The matches in this feud just haven't been able to match the angles. Shame. Jericho doesn't suffer from a loss here, but I don't know what either of them do now.

Main was solid. With every match on the show probably being better if 5-10 minutes shorter, I saw another half hour on the clock and my hopes dropped a little, but they kept things moving and had a decent one, a Mox Special as someone else said. Went pretty much as I expected, but without MJF using the move he banned, and without postmatch Miro goodness. Enjoyed Mox going through his old finishers to find something that worked, but I kind of hate that we got the distraction finish, because that makes it too easy for a continuation of this feud and for MJF to get the loss scrubbed from his record. Which, then again, was probably the point, but would make Mox a bit dim when he's comes off as a quick-thinking brawler so far.

So yeah, decent, but a below average Dynamite, therefore a poor PPV, overall.

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