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The AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite Thread

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Unbelievable how many people were involved in that main event and no-one stepped in and explained why it wasn’t the best week to be doing a spot where someone gets drowned. What a fucking buzz kill that was!

That spot aside though, I think that main event was even better than the Boneyard Match. Just brilliant, daft fun. The antithesis of Money in the Bank.

It wasn’t without its problems. It definitely should’ve been shorter and the stuff with Matt Hardy changing gear still feels like it’s on the wrong side of whacky. But man alive, those moments where it worked? This was a pure joy to watch. Adam Page and Jake Hager in the bar! Amazing! This is the run of Hager’s life. 

Let’s get to the biggest story though. Sammy fucking Guevara, again. Wrestler of the year. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a gimmick as much as Sammy getting chased and/or destroyed by things. The horse, the suplexes across the field and then the return of the golf cart. All genuine laugh-out-loud moments. The way they cut to him sprinting from the golf cart had me howling. I saw someone on Twitter suggest that the natural conclusion to Sammy getting chased by things is him being run over by a debuting Rusev in a tank and now there’s nothing on the planet that I want to see more.

Fair play to Brodie Lee, too. Great brawl with Moxley that finally made him feel like the big deal he always had the potential to be. Always love a spot where they break the floor. Hopefully they have a few rematches. They’ve got good chemistry together. Loved the finish of Brodie passing out rather than submitting.

Fun little match between MJF and Jungle Boy, too.

Great show overall. Far better than it had any right to be. I still think both companies are mental to do empty arena wrestling, but this was further evidence that if they must do it AEW are infinitely better at it than WWE. This actually did put a smile on my face. Boss.

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Right people, right time, just the wrong location.

Fucking hell who’s arsed. Let people get excited about things.

For a TV Guide photoshoot promoting a new wrestling show, this is what you want to see. Not you brothers wedding reception, like those cunts above. You're selling professional wrestling. Nothing else.

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that pool bit to me shows the hypocrisy between Aew and Wwe if the E had done that spot Bix and Alvarez wouldn’t stop bitching and complaining about it like the Benoit spot in the Edge vs Orton match, both extremely tasteless yet Aew gets a pass from them for it.

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The pool spot didn't trouble me at all. It's a long established, if shit, gimmick of the broken Matt character. It's nothing to do with anything. 

Do agree that the usual leeches would be all over WWE if they did it but fuck those guys.

Some great stuff on the show and it was tremendous fun. There are still too many spots and dives in every match which is born out of them trying to deliver but needs reigning in a bit long term, especially the dangerous stuff.

I'd be happy if wrestling went on pause until crowds come back but this was by far the best show without fans. It's not even close.

Matt Hardy is a drag. Brodie Lee looked good though. Fair fucks to Shawn Spears too. Literally showed his arse to put Dustin over.

Main Event was mental. 8 stars, Dave.

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That main event was DDT-tastic. Bonkers, creative and genuinely laugh out loud funny. Exactly what we needed after the last few days, and none of the cinematic trappings of the WWE or Hardy compound efforts. I like my wrasslin’ played straight but it’s pointless right now and I could watch that over and over. A billion stars.

Genuine respect also for AEW taking the time to talk about Hana. Total class.

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Main event was daft but lots of fun. Sammy makes a everything he does work, being the butt of everything, and getting over more and more though it, proper gets all the moments that matter.
Hangman as well, from the arrival on the horse, to telling it to stay to then the whole bar scene. 

the mascot getting the Judas effect, had to happen

finished the main event about half an hour ago, and still randomly laughing at parts of it. Wrestling as it should be, fun .

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Casino Ladder Match - so many ladder matches happen these days it's quite difficult to get excited about them. Orange Cassidy was a highlight. Never been a huge Cage fan so wasn't too bothered about his appearance and not looking forward to him and Moxley. Plus his intro is cringetastic.

MJF/Jungle Boy - better match than I expected although definitely went towards OTT moves in the last half. Nice to have a straight heel/face match though.

Cody/Lance - there's just something about Cody that makes him as a character and his buildup far better than the end matches. Not that this was a terrible match or anything but its just something I struggle with. A bit hokey in places as expected with the two guys outside and Tyson, but no harm in Cody getting the win that way. He's a good guy to bring prestige to that belt.

Ford/Statlander - skippable.

Spears/Rhodes - bit daft really but its not like they were ever going to put on a classic anyway. I love Dustin.

Womens title - certainly one of their better womens title matches on PPV. Would've been happy with either winning, as they're both capable of leading the division. Will be interesting to see where they go next and who steps up. I assume Baker eventually,

Lee/Moxley - honestly just felt like 2 ex WWE guys doing a typical match. Not sure what some people were getting excited about. Really felt underwhelmed by it.

Stadium Stampede - the most I've smiled at a wrestling match in the Covid19 era. Just so much fun from start to finish with a good number of genuine laughs. They really nailed this one.

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The main event was everything that Money In The Bank wished it was. I didn’t notice the pool scene the way I noticed the Benoit thing. I wouldn’t say that they are the same level at all, but it should have been cut. Went on for ages as well. (Edit: the more I think about it the worse it does come off.) It’s weird the difference comedy spots make when they actually have comedy in them, WWE should take note.

Brodie and Mox was great fun. Cody and Archer was great for the most part, don’t know why they kept cutting to Tyson yawning or not paying attention. Proper shame they couldn’t get the belt finished in time, they’ve had fucking ages.

Ladder match was lovely, Darby is a nutter, Cassidy is the funniest bloke in wrestling and everyone else played their parts really well. So glad it was Brian Cage, the guy is awesome and they booked him about as strong as it gets. 

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To the surprise of unquestionably everyone, I'm really surprised by the rave reviews this PPV is getting. Maybe I just wasn't in the right frame of mind, struggling to stay awake and peeved it's not in Vegas and I had to refund my flight and ticket.....but I wasn't blown away like I have been for all their PPVs up to this point. I need to go back and watch it again.

The opener would have been great if they'd binned all the outside interference- there were more than enough folks involved from the outset.

MJF and Jungle Boy was good....that poison Rana on the apron looked fab, as was MJFs selling. Could be the start of a great long term rivalry.

Statlander / Ford and Spears / Dustin wasn't PPV worthy and all that crap with Spears felt like WWE booking.

I enjoyed Cody and Archer. I have high Hope's that this belt will be treated as a legitimate second title like the IWGP Intercontinental title and not like the WWE Intercontinental title. The right guy went over, but I'd liked them to have made a bigger deal of the victory - I think they cut to the next video package far too quickly. The match would have been better with less of the Arn /Jake / Tyson shenanigans.

Hikaru Shida and Nyla Rose was good, surprising outcome, both worked hard.....but too many gimmick matches on this show possibly?

Brodie Lee and Jon Moxley was better than I expected. I don't think Brodie Lee should have been in that spot to begin with, but I enjoyed the match in itself, particularly the finish.

Stadium Stampede. Genius, but fighting to stay awake and dozing off throughout. I agree with Supremo about Sammi, just wow! The pool of reincarnation had me in stitches, as did the golf cart spot, the white line painted on Jericho, the bar scene, the horse, the moonsault off the goal thingy, the 100 yard suplexes and the crazy finish. Kenny Omega is so versatile - he can shine in almost any kind of match. Worth the PPV price alone. Everyone in it looked like they were having a blast.

Gutted to read this morning that Fyter Fest was going to be in London.

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I fell asleep a few times during the show so I was pretty fresh for the Stampede.

Absolutely bonkers DDT levels of fun and like others here I didn't have any issue with the pool spot. As rick posted it's a part of Matt's character but I do agree that it dragged longer than it should have and the usual lot would have thrown a massive fit if WWE did it but as rick also posted fuck those guys.

Happy that Shida won though I'm a little disappointed that Rose didn't get the dominant reign you would have assumed she would have. Not sure if the title change was planned or if AEW decided a feel good PPV was needed after recent events.

Everything else is a blur due to my struggle to stay awake but I really enjoyed what I managed to watch.

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I loved that card. It felt really well constructed, had a bit of everything, peaked and troughed in the right places and everything did what it was supposed to. Lovely stuff.

My only minor quibble was how JR pushed Shida's win in relation to Hana Kimura's passing. I woke up to the news about Hana and was as upset about it as any wrestling death I can remember, but JR referencing it constantly post match made Shida's win feel like a pity win.

I'm not sure Emi Sakura shared my reservations though............


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1 minute ago, WyattSheepMask said:

Do we reckon the Stadium Stampede Match has replaced the Blood & Guts Match, or do you think they’ll try and built to that again at some point?

I guess they could hold off on the feud for a while now, they could always bring it back once they have fans back in attendance and can involve Cody next time for the match.

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1 hour ago, DavidB6937 said:

Was Shida particularly close to Kimura? I don't really know much about either.

Not particularly, they’ve shared the ring a couple of times but that’s about it.

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