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AEW All Out


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19 hours ago, WyattSheepMask said:

According to WrestlingInc (no idea how reliable that is), Fite TV have reported that buys for All Out exceeded what they did for Doible or Nothing (although they haven’t said what the DoN figure actually was) and did approximately 28,000 buys, but that doesn’t include figures for the show being watched on Bleacher Report Live

Was it on more standard pov outlets too? I don't know these days of that's considered a good number. What do ROH and other companies do? Comparing that to the estimated 5000-20000 TNA used to do it's decent I guess.

9 hours ago, Seratonin said:

The countdown/preview show on TNT only got 390k viewers so very poor. Hope once the show starts they can actually get some decent figures.

390k for a preview show with no original matches on it on a Friday night. I'd say that's pretty good to be fair. I watched All Out and like many PPVs I don't have time to watch supplementary shows surrounding it. I expect lots were the same. Until we have about a 2 month run to get an average of their show on TNT it will be hard to guage popularity 

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