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Isn't that kind of the point? He's a heel. We're not supposed to think he's a cool rockstar, we're supposed to think he's a middle aged man who thinks he's a cool rockstar.

I reckon we should ban Metlzer rating talk. It really is the most pointless, worthless discussion imaginable. 

Yeah, nothing worse than being entertained or having fun, especially on a wrestling show. 

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6 hours ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

No Buff Bagwell at Starrcast this time. Apparently, last year, he stole Conrad's bag with the nights takings in it, and got caught. Go big or go home, I say.

Is that true ?


The last I saw of Bagwell was a clip of him shagging desperate wealthy fat birds. 



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49 minutes ago, TildeGuy~! said:

Pre Show is 12 with the Battle Royal

They also have Private Party who are worth checking out. If they can keep the silly comedy to a minimum it would be worth watching. I’ve never minded it but I know it makes some people lose their minds 

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12 minutes ago, UK Kat Von D said:

They also have Private Party who are worth checking out. If they can keep the silly comedy to a minimum it would be worth watching. I’ve never minded it but I know it makes some people lose their minds 

Comedy, however silly, is fine. Anyone who thinks there should be no comedy is a fucking idiot. The problem is when it's not actually funny, it's pretty much a private joke or it makes the wrestling look the joke. I.e. the Nakazawa shite on the pre-show that time.

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Anyone else having problems with the PS4? I'm getting a please try again later message

EDIT - Apparently everyone in the UK has the error message and ITV Box office have advised to order on FiteTV and contact Sony directly for a refund. So it's off to a great start. It's costing me 4 quid more and I miss half an hour.

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Despite PlayStation's fuck up I really enjoyed the show. Jericho Vs Page was cracking. Page looked great and Jericho was the best he's been in ages. Cody's entrance was a misstep but the match was awesome. As was PAC Vs Kenny.

What I love about the whole thing though is it didn't feel micromanaged. Wrestling is best when it feels slightly chaotic.

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Overall, definitely a thumbs up show. They've got to sort out the length of these pay per views though. Five hours if you include the pre-show is just too fucking long to watch anything in one sitting. Cut out forty five minutes to an hour and I bet that main event would've got a much better reaction. The match itself was solid, and Jericho winning was absolutely the right result, but the crowd were completely dead until he hit the Judas Effect and they realised this was probably the finish.

Jericho's physique is beyond comprehension at this point. His weird gut-with-abs reminded me of this fella from Celebrity Big Brother.


I wonder if Jericho got the same bonkers surgery so he could have a six pack whilst still living on booze?

The ladder match was fucking nuts. By the end though it definitely veered into Ibushi vs. Naito territory, where I'm just getting annoyed at guys taking such stupid risks and no longer able to enjoy it. Who would've ever thought ahead of time that a Canadian Destroyer off the top of a ladder through a table would be one of the relatively safer spots in the match?! Those last couple of falls for the Young Bucks were super scary and by that point I just wanted the match to end before someone actually died. Can't knock the effort though. Also, LAX looked cool as fuck in their debut and AEW's tag division looks set to be incredible.

Cody vs. Spears was about what I expected. It doesn't matter how good the build up is, Spears just doesn't really have it in the ring to be a top-level guy. It was still an OK match, but easily Cody's worst AEW match so far. It also didn't help that I spent the majority of this match worried about that poor dog from Cody's entrance. Genuinely, seeing the dog so scared by the fireworks and loud music, desperately trying to go backstage as they dragged him down the ramp, it was enough to turn the lot of them heel in my eyes. They better not do that again. I couldn't relax afterwards. They seriously should've considered putting a graphic at the bottom of the screen or doing a picture-in-picture to show the dog happy backstage, getting tonnes of treats and pets. I popped for Arn and I like that his involvement will give Tully a reason to complain and get some heat back on Spears.

I'm also glad they didn't pull the trigger on the MJF turn. That's got some legs if they tease it for months.

I'm madly in love with Riho.

I'm even more in love with Orange Cassidy. The pop he got when the lights came back on was brilliant and everything he did was fantastic. How he stops himself from corpsing is beyond me. That Rainmaker camera zoom when they hugged him was the best! Look at his face!

Imagine thinking they should've hired Michael Elgin instead. Hilarious!

Everything else involving that tag match before Cassidy showed up was death though. They were put in a bad spot, the Dark Order gimmick sucks and I still don't understand these stipulations. They've had to win two matches to get one, single bye? How does that work?! Cassidy aside, you could've cut this match from the show entirely.

The three-way started off stupid and shit but by the end it almost grew on me in its ridiculousness. Might as well enjoy these guys before one of them gets paralysed. This was the match which really highlighted what a problem JR still is though. They need to start only bringing him out for the second half of the show or something. Or just send him to the back during matches they know he won't enjoy. He was acting like a right grumpy prick in this match, slagging everyone off and taking the piss. I get that it's not your thing Jim, it's not really my thing either. In fact I can't even imagine Jimmy Havok's own family thinking he's any good. But still, there's no need to be a dickhead about it on the air. If you're in a bad mood just shut up for a bit.

Similarly, Jim very nearly ruined the Omega vs. Pac match by being a snarky prick. Burying both guys and moaning about all kinds of inane shit, I can't figure out what his problem is or if he's even aware he's doing it. Maybe he's been like this the whole time and it was just less noticeable because Alex Marvez was so much worse. Now that Marvez has gone and it's mostly a good team, maybe that's why Jim's nonsense seemed more prominent. However, bar Jim's commentary and that one botch at the end, I thought Omega vs. Pac was great and Pac looked like a fucking megastar. Where you can see flaws and room for improvement in loads of AEW's roster, Pac stands out as a guy who not only has everything but fucking knows it as well. Pissing confidence and looking a level above almost everyone else, I'm hoping that win means he's in full-time. It looks like they teased Hangman vs. Pac on the post-game show so fingers crossed he's here to stay.

The Jurassic Express might be my favourite act in wrestling right now. I was sad they didn't win, but I guess that's the point. Love them. Can't believe Luchasaurus hasn't already been signed to a big contract and pushed to the moon before now. So much fun. They're a merchandisers dream, too.

Add Private Party to the The Jurassic Express and Orange Cassidy as some of my favourite acts in this company. I think that's where they're going to succeed in the end. Everyone has good matches these days. Fun spots and exciting near-falls just doesn't cut it anymore. You need some characters and some colour and that's exactly what this lot represent. There's something really exciting about seeing where they go with a bit of freedom, too.

Really, my only real complaint was that shitty Casino Battle Royale. Just as bad as last time, with the awful format meaning no-one stood out and millions of spots were missed, I'd like to think they won't bring it back a third time but then I couldn't believe they decided to bring it back at all. In the end, I spent the majority of this match trying to find out online what the hell has happened to Kylie Rae. After vanishing from AEW, it now seems like she's left the business altogether and no-one seems to want to say why. Super weird and sad if true.

But yeah, good show if you're not a confused, terrified dog.

*Limp, weak Orange Cassidy Thumbs Up*



...CM Punk's never coming back, is he?

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Only saw the first 3 matches of the main card before I tapped out due to tiredness on  my first exposure to Aew.

I’m all in on Luchasauraus such fun and I can see him being a massive breakout star for them on TNT.

Pac vs omega was a fantastic match with a great story told, only thing I didn’t like was like Roman and his reliance on the superman punch is Kennys reliance on the V-trigger.

The 3 way was just fucking stupid managed to see Allin bump against Cody from before and the idiot will be in a chair before 30 at the rate he is going.

Jr sounded irritates watching the first 3 matches wish he would take the retirement before he damages his legacy.

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