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My Best Film: John C. Reilly

Devon Malcolm

John C. Reilly  

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There's no point discussing his best performance because they're all as great as each other.

If you don't like John C. Reilly then you're a Tory, and you know what that also makes you.

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21 minutes ago, ColinBollocks said:

so We Need to Talk About Kevin. Maybe not his most stand out performance, at all, but it's a brilliant film that is a little under appreciated.

Brilliant film, absolutely harrowing though. I felt genuinely upset during parts of it. I can't actually remember much of JCR's performance in it though.

Anyway the answer is Step Brothers. Boogie Nights a close second. If it wasn't for Boogie Nights, @Chest Rockwell might not exist

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The best performance is clearly the Dr Steve Brule videos, but in terms of films I'd say Tallageda Nights.  There's a couple of scenes in that where his character genuinely looks like he has no idea what's going on, it's brilliant.

He's also great in Gangs of New York.  But neither of these films is on your list.

So I'll go with Hard Eight from what's there.

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