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Odd bits and pieces that you miss in wrestling


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On 7/10/2019 at 4:34 PM, Roy said:

I don't know about that. If Will Ospreay was an unannounced entrant into the Rumble, it would be a pretty big deal.


On 7/10/2019 at 6:49 PM, wordsfromlee said:

"...and the crowd goes mild!"

It wouldn't though would it. The type of people who go to the Rumble and Mania are going to have gone to NXT the night before as well. They are the diehard wrestling fans who watch everything. They would 100% know who Ospreay was, and after a couple of flashy moves everyone else would be cheering. The only thing is that WWE would probably call him Bill Sea-Eagle.Ā 

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1 minute ago, wordsfromlee said:

I miss wrestlers Titan Tron videos being montages of them in action rather than just their name flashing over anĀ Adobe After Effects template.

I'm actually glad they've moved away a bit from trons being highlight reels. A character isn't a move set. And it always annoyed me when you're making a CAW and you'd have to put up with Charlie Haas doing suplexes or Santino yelling COBRA during the entrance. The best trons were ones like either DX's original, with quick cuts of the team throwing crotch chops between riot footage, or Val Venis with cuts of his ludicrous vignettes (rising out of the bushes in a purple hat). Kane's wall of fire. Edge running around in the streets screaming about nothing.

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