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UKFF Top 50 Games: 10th Anniversary Edition RESULTS

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30 minutes ago, Onyx2 said:

Onyx2 says: A great improvement on the original. I still think Asylum sneaks ahead by being tighter and more claustrophobic but City has the ability to swoop everywhere so I’m not sure I can pick. Don’t make me! I loved getting the Riddler trophies in these.

My sentiments. Even as an open-world lover, I really liked the linear Arkham Asylum. Arkham City was great, especially flying around the city, however not usually a fan of the entire city being open from the get-go- unless the story is laid out so that you are exploring it organically one area at a time (like RDR2 for example).


31 minutes ago, Onyx2 said:

27. Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Oh yes, my favourite PES. My Master League team was boss, let's see if I can remember it (and I'm sure this was from PES 6):


GK: Igor Akinfeev

CB: Anthony Vanden Borre

CB: Micah Richards

RB: Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe

LB: Vitaliy Denisov

DM: Edgar Barreto

AM: Daniel Carvalho

RM: Park Chu-Young


CF: Aguero

CF: Jo


I think I pretty much raided CSKA Moscow and Anderlecht. Park would run to the byline and whip in a perfect cross for Jo to nod in every time, as well as scoring with almost every free kick awarded. Adu was obviously rapid as fuck, and Carvalho would split the defence in half with his probing passes. I always opted for Micah and AVB ahead of Vincent Kompany at the back for some reason. PES 6 was great at taking a team and helping them develop over time, I was rarely tempted to ditch them in favour of bringing in Ronaldo & co.

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Finally got two games in the list, in the form of Arkham City and Mario Kart 64. I can see a few of my other titles not placing anywhere due to them either being retro-inspired indie games or more cult-level (yep, EWR speak) games though.


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1 hour ago, Onyx2 said:

UKFF says: Love the combat, love the story, love just rowing around the lake listening to the dialogue. The exploration and puzzling is a lot of fun. Beautiful game visually as well. Absolutely deserved all the reviews it got. Amazing game. 

Not guilty m'lud.  I've never knowingly played a God of War game.

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3 hours ago, Devon Malcolm said:

Time trials were what I obsessed over with the original Mario Kart, spent tons of time on them.

No idea if TT are still of interest to you Dev (or anyone else for that matter) but a pal of mine runs the international SNES Mario Kart Time Trial league.

It’s a world wide spreadsheet of people’s times. From what I remember, you must submit recorded footage of your fastest lap on each track and then an overall time is calculated.

They hold the finals of tournaments in France. People take it proper fucking seriously.

I thought I was good (Kong, power slides, jumps etc), but then a lad wiped the floor with my score at a recent TT tournament I held at a retro game exhibition. 

His score didn’t make the grade for the world rankings. 

Anyway, on to Sami, who is the world champ and runs the world rankings... here’s his twitter with a link to the rankings website in his bio. Seriously impressive gamer (Mario Kart TT addiction). Check his pinned tweet, he’s just broken a record.


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All the added RPG elements killed a lot of the fun of the new GOW for me. After years spent killing gods, titans, tearing down Mount Olympus and killing Zeus  with his bare hands, it's jarring coming across enemies Kratos can't damage yet "because numbers". Constantly having to weigh up the benefits of wrist armour that might be +/- X will never be engaging to me. I still really liked it, an amazing story and world, but can't see myself ever playing through it again. Which is a huge shame coming from someone who'll happily go through 1-3 again and again.

My dream football game is some kind of anniversary edition of Pro Evo 6. The King.


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2 hours ago, Kaz Hayashi said:

Scary TT post

That is ridiculous. I thought I was pretty good, but he's shaved about 10 seconds of my best time. Incredible.

And whoever voted for 64 over Super Mario Kart wants their bumps feeling.

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Nothing off of my list yet. This means I've either got exceptional taste in games, or terrible taste in games. I'm guessing a little from column A and a little from Column B. 

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19. WWF No Mercy
Position in 2009: 6; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: NR


Google reviews say: -N64: $99.00, WWF No Mercy: $60.00 (plus Tax), playing against a friend in a Ladder match w/ Jeff Hardy and Shawn Michaels: PRICELESS 

UKFF says:Still the greatest wrestling game known to man @Hannibal Scorch

Onyx2 says: I'm more of a WCW/nWo Revenge guy myself, but I'd love to see ASMIK get the WWE licence again. The reversals system, the gradual building of power moves, the insane rumble mode... love it.

18. Red Dead Redemption
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: 4 Metacritic: 97%


Google reviews say: Auto aim ruins the game completely. 3/10. Also free aim is super clunky n junky.

UKFF says: I’ve never cared as much about a videogame character’s life as I have about John Marston’s.  RDR2 Spoiler: Arthur was all foreplay for more John fun. (definitely @johnnyboy)

Onyx2 says: like it, don't love it. Never quite gripped me. Maybe I'm just getting bored of the Rockstar formula. Great atmosphere though.

17. The Witcher 3
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: 96%


Google reviews say: Just bought W3; You can’t skip cutscenes. Jerk move CD Projekt.

UKFF says: I’d probably gain a year of my life back if I was able to go back and stop myself from playing this... @RedRooster

Onyx2 says: I've been playing this for three years. And I haven't finished it. Not because it's bad, but because I genuinely don't want it to end. Every game or so I go back to it and do a little more. The world is beautiful, it's detailed, and it's truly alive. Cannot wait for the Henry Cavill version. 

16. Resident Evil 2
Position in 2009: 40; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: 91%


Google reviews say: ¡¡This thingy is basically the “Resident Evil 2: Shattered Memories” of the franchise!!

UKFF says:Definitely my favourite of the series and probably my favourite series @TildeGuy~!

Onyx2: I was never much of a Resi guy, but I have just bought the VR version of this. Wish me luck...

15. Sensible World of Soccer
Position in 2009: 30; Position in 2013: 19 Metacritic: 81%


Google reviews say: It's actually your typical soccer game.

UKFF says: I don't care about all your fancy graphics of a modern football game I want to enjoy a game that let's me take a team from the Estonian league and I want to spend my career turning them into a European Cup winning side damn it. Special mention to the WW1 demo though which had the ball replaced with a hand grenade that would randomly blow up players. @lanky316

Onyx2 says: Sensible Software were really important to me growing up. Being a football game I don't care for it but they were such talented, unique developers.

14. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Position in 2009: 19; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: 99%


Google reviews say: hyrule's big open area takes space away from the other areas 

UKFF says: I've not played breath of the wild. It may be better, but I doubt it. I love the temples, I love fighting dark link, I love the world, and I've never felt a connection with a horse before. Red dead redemption can suck it, epona rules. @Duke

Onyx2: back in 2009 I badgered people not to vote for this because I think it's the most overrated game of all time. I find it really clumsy, and that fairy is a douche. It is the highest Metacritic rated game on this list though. Did you know a speedrun of this game still takes nearly four hours?

13. Uncharted 2
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: 96%


Google reviews say: Oh LAWLZ, Gears of Dewd Raider got a sequel to Tombs of War! lololo

UKFF says: The only game I've ever really played online that I thought has nailed the online aspect of gaming. And the single player was awesome too - my first ever platinum trophy. @Grecian

Onyx2 says: a masterful piece of work. Really beautiful, and gives the impression of utter chaos when actually it's all carefully on rails. The train sequence is one of the best things in all gaming.

12. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Position in 2009: 12; Position in 2013: 3 Metacritic: 95%


Google reviews say:  I guess maybe some sick people out there will get a kick each time they get invited in for "coffee," but past that, having a girlfriend in this game, just like real life, sucks.

UKFF says: The PS2 GTA games set the world on fire when they came out, managing to capture the gameplay and excitement of both the original top down games, and evoke the eras and locations of where they were set, but it was with San Andreas that I personally think the series peaked. The sprawling map, each city feeling different, the soundtrack, the story all combined for a great experience. The RPG elements of going to the gym, running, driving etc to level up how well you could do things in game. Some days I'd switch the game on and just drive around listening to the radio to unwind. Other games since may have had more content, but San Andreas has always felt like it was the right amount. @jazzygeofferz

Onyx2 says: for me this is where the rot set in for GTA. Just so much busywork, the gym, the food, the areas getting attacked... I just want to do missions, you know?

11. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: 2 Metacritic: 94%


Google reviews say: You could live passively and just try to make some gold, whatever you see fit.

UKFF says: A great fun game, a perfect mix of open world and stripped back leveling that makes it accessible. Story’s were mixed but it was great fun. Given I thought oblivion was a lot of noncing about in a forest it’s a testament to Skyrim I enjoyed it so much.  @Tommy!

Onyx2 says: I like this world a lot, but I still haven't finished it. I must start it all over again...

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Just now, jazzygeofferz said:

Some really big hitters turning up now. 

Yes, you can definitely tell we are near the top ten now. No Mercy wouldn't place a top 100 of 'normal' people's lists but it's rightfully earned here.

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