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UKFF Top 50 Games: 10th Anniversary Edition RESULTS

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I can't wax lyrical enough about Super Mario Kart.

So perfectly balanced, that despite all the great things they've added to the game over the iterations, when you go back to the original it all feels superfluous.

Probably the best Mario Kart game in all honesty was the DS version.  Before the controls started being dumbed down, all the classic tracks, and being able to play on multiple DS with only one Kart - genius!

I got stuck at Geneva airport years ago and managed to find 7 kids with DSes.  4 hours of brutal Kart warfare!  

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5 hours ago, Onyx2 said:

Negative points for the final boss battle though, eurgh.

Surely by that you mean "all the boss battles" the final boss isn't even the worst, killer Croc is the worst boss fight in any game I've ever played. (you might not be counting it as an actual boss battle, but I'd argue all of batman's rogues are). 


Its precisely why I voted for arkham city instead, as the boss fights are loads better, and nothing is worse. 

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Chuffed to see the Monkey Island games getting some love in this list. Purely for nostalgia reasons, Monkey Island 2 might be my favourite game of all time. 

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Mario Kart DS is a great entry in the series. I have two friends who when they lived together were really competitive about Double Dash on the Gamecube. One night I was round there and my job was just to lean into the corners as one of them had heard you can get extra tenths of a second by doing that. It was a great twist with the driver/co-driver mechanic. Mario Kart 8 is pretty special as well. 

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One of the highlights of my week is when the kids stay on Sunday night, fuck off to school all day and leave their DS here with Mario Kart in it. I waste whole Monday’s until it’s pick up time again. Glorious game.

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Mario Kart was in my draft list and was essentially number 11.

One of the things I based my choices on was "How many hours did we spend playing this game?", and Mario Kart definitely scored highly in this, mainly because of the three eras that it became the current hot game in (SNES, N64 and DS).

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Mario Kart was nominated many times but across different titles. I'll be cagey how much until Friday, but it's a popular series among you lot. 

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7 hours ago, Onyx2 said:

I love the visuals, the music (still have the OST on rotation) and character design is charming.

Wind Waker’s Link is the best, too. He’s not “destined” or even all that special. He’s just a kid out to save his sister who happens to be wearing the same outfit as all the others - and only because his Grandma made him! Plus his cartoonish reactions are a joy to behold.

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Time trials were what I obsessed over with the original Mario Kart, spent tons of time on them. Also, I thought the two player battle games were better than a lot of people give credit for, I know there was a limited number of tracks but they were superbly designed and made for some great tactical battles.

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29. Batman Arkham City
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: 16 Metacritic: 91%


Google reviews say: it gud a good game

UKFF says: Batman at his finest. I loved Arkham Asylum and this just opened that world up along with a thrilling realization of Batman and his rogues gallery. @DEF

Onyx2 says: A great improvement on the original. I still think Asylum sneaks ahead by being tighter and more claustrophobic but City has the ability to swoop everywhere so I’m not sure I can pick. Don’t make me! I loved getting the Riddler trophies in these.

28. Pokemon Red and Blue
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: NR


Google reviews say: When I played this game I picked Bulbasaur because he was good against most of the gyms, but I realized that maybe Bulbasaur is too OP, because I destroyed everything in my path with a maximum of like two hits! I beat the whole game with nothing but some HM Slaves and an extremely over-leveled Venusaur.

UKFF says: Pokemon games have improved since the first generation and added so much but none captured my imagination as much as the first. The original 151 Pokemon will NEVER come close to being topped, with so many of them deemed as classics. Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee are brilliant remastered versions well worth playing if you can't be arsed with an emulator and shite black & white graphics. @PunkStep

Onyx2 says: I was totally not in sync with the RPGs. My son played these to death though, and now my daughter is way into Let’s Go!

27. Pro Evolution Soccer 6
Position in 2009: 38; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: 79%


Google reviews say: still the most accurate football game on PS2

UKFF says: I don’t know if it’s widely agreed that PES 6 is the absolute pinnacle of the series, or if it’s just agreed among the people I know, but either way, it’s the absolute pinnacle of the series. The final edition to feature the quintessential PES commentary team of Peter Brackley and Trevor Brooking, it’s also the last stand for that generation of football games that didn’t have to try too hard in terms of controls or how it handled. It’s a glorious culmination of everything that made the series great and why it was always considered the “proper” game instead of FIFA. The physics, the AI, the graphics, the fake team names, the commentary, it was untouchable at the time. Then Seabass decided to rebuild the game engine from scratch, Jon Champion and Mark Lawrenson were brought in, and it all went horribly downhill from there. The last version I dedicated a lot of time to before I retired (had kids) was 2013, and it was still good, but something just wasn’t the same. But we’ll always have PES 6… @hallicks

Onyx2 says: It’s football so a hard pass from me.

26. WWE SmackDown: Here Comes the Pain
Position in 2009: 16; Position in 2013: 9 Metacritic:  85%


Google reviews say: Octobeer 27th 2003, Here Comes The Pain was released to North America. I am writing this review 3651 days later

UKFF says: I am not sure if I have got the right one here, or it’s the first SmackDown vs Raw game that I need. Whichever one was the first one that allowed you to create your own PPVs. That added a really fun element to the countless hours spent with mates playing our created characters against each other, building long stories and feuds amongst them. @Chest Rockwell

Onyx2 says: Those early 2000s WWE THQ games were limited but had so many fun modes. Expansive CAW! Brilliant career modes! Now… Seth has two more costumes. Yay.

25. WWF WrestleFest
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: NR


Google reviews say:  Oh god damn it Earthquake you fat oaf I am SO going to get you for that power slam (inserts another quarter) AHA time to Hulk up!

UKFF says: The fact this still stands as one of the best wrestling games ever made, 28 years after its release. Tells you everything. Considered one of the best/funnest multiplayer cabinets going adds to its wonderment. Mean Gene interviewing LOD is probably the most iconic scene from a wrestling game. It’s a great game, prefect mix of button bashing, timing & strategy. @Kaz Hayashi

Onyx2 says: Now you’re talking. I played the ever loving shite out of this. The characters had great impact, beautiful big sprites and fun modes.

24. Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Position in 2009: 8; Position in 2013: 7 Metacritic: NR


Google reviews say: So it's more, more and more. That's Sonic the Hedgehog 2, all summed up. 

UKFF says: Lost so many hours to this one. The best Sonic game to date. @Bicurious Dad

Onyx2 says: Outstanding two player mode, where I loved to bounce off the ‘swap places’ monitor and fling myself into a pit of death...

23. God Of War (2018)
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: 95%


Google reviews say: Valkyries ruin the fun 

UKFF says: Love the combat, love the story, love just rowing around the lake listening to the dialogue. The exploration and puzzling is a lot of fun. Beautiful game visually as well. Absolutely deserved all the reviews it got. Amazing game. @johnnyboy

Onyx2 says: This and Spider-Man are on my list. Loved the PS2 / PS3 titles (to a point) but the emphasis on story really appeals to me.

22. Mario Kart 64
Position in 2009: 23; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: 83%


Google reviews say: The only real complaint I have about the game is it's somewhat wonky controls.

UKFF says: The definitive multi-player experience. Simple to learn, hard to master, frustratingly easy to glitch . It's played such a pivotal part in my friend circle that each of my groomsmen will be getting Blue Shell cufflinks as my gift to them. @Accident Prone

Onyx2 says: It’s a Mario Kart game. What more can I say?!

21. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Position in 2009: 14; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: NR 


Google reviews say: I want to play this because it's basically the original Zelda but better I think maybe probably

UKFF says: My first Zelda game and still my favourite. It's aged wonderfully because it doesn't need strong graphics to remain playable, unlike OOT and Twilight Princess. With so many dungeons (all of which are very unique) you get fantastic value, especially given the fact the game is more than 25 years old. @PunkStep

Onyx2 says: How did this not get rated in 2013?! Go and find it now and play it, so much value for money.

20. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: 97%


Google reviews say: I clocked almost over 500 hours into this game. 

UKFF says:At time of completion i had sunk about 70 hours in to this, mostly on handheld and I'm still amazed that a flimsy piece of tech like the Switch can run something so substantial on those shitty little cartridges. Just pure fun is BotW. An empty world that never feels dull and tons of activities and side missions to keep you going long after the end game. You can play it whilst taking a shit. @Mr Danger

Onyx2 says: It’s a Zelda double-header! This looks incredible but I haven’t got round to it yet. Can’t wait to.

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Two of my top 3 in this latest count down. Disappointing to not see them in the top 10 because i think BotW and GoW will go down as all time classics over time but it's understandable given that not as many people have gotten around to playing them yet. Shit, I've not even to every land on GoW.

Cracked 100 hours on BotW now.

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