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UKFF Top 50 Games: 10th Anniversary Edition RESULTS

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1 minute ago, hallicks said:

I forgot about Civ II.

Just missed a top 50 spot. This is one of those games being diluted by votes across the series. 2, 4 and 5 all got votes. 

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Sorry, Chest! In fairness, I don't think it would have gotten higher than #9, given that I already forgot about SOR2 and had to retcon it in.

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39. Fallout New Vegas
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: NR. Metacritic: 84%


Google reviews say: I think Fallout New Vegas is a great game. I love to play it after school

UKFF says: Better than Fallout 3. It had Roman Legionnaires fucking people up! @Nexus

Onyx2 says: my least favourite of the series but it has an absolutely fanatical following. I didn’t like the funneling map design and repairing weapons is always an arse but the setting was very cool.

38. The Secret of Monkey Island
Position in 2009: 33; Position in 2013: NR. Metacritic: NR


Google reviews say: “I haven't played a game with so illogical puzzles as in this one.
The best thing is, it has a solution button and you'll find yourselves spamming it. Your other option is try everything on everything.”

UKFF says: The pinnacle of the genre. Still funny after all these years. Inventive and challenging without the puzzles being needlessly obscure. @BomberPat

Onyx2 says: so much fun to play. Removing the ability to die was such a breath of fresh air at this point in the genre. I still love the swordfighting training sequence.

37. Batman Arkham Asylum
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: 10 Metacritic: 91%


Google reviews say: I am not a big fan of Batman, but I found this game in a pile of old stuff and I figured, "why not try it?"

UKFF says: nothing.

Onyx2 says: Has a game ever better captured what it is to be a particular superhero? You can fight like a demon, swoop around and detect like a ninja. Perfectly balanced, perfect length and very satisfying. Negative points for the final boss battle though, eurgh.

36. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: 96%


Google reviews say: it fun was i lick it 6ix9ine 6ix9ine

UKFF says: Cel Shade 4 Life @FelatioLips

Onyx2 says: An outstanding piece of work and my favourite Zelda game (to date! There is a copy of Breath of the Wild in the house but I can never get near it). I love the visuals, the music (still have the OST on rotation) and character design is charming.

35. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: 98%


Google reviews say: The game is very fun to play with a fantastic career mode that is very fun to play.

UKFF says: I must have been about 18 when I got this.  You could play it for hours and hours, with or without friends.  Felt like something I'd never played before and the soundtrack was great (at the time) @Twatters

Onyx2 says: Never gripped me. But I remember leaving a mate’s house one evening while he was playing it, went back the next morning and he was still playing the same session.

34. Final Fantasy IX
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: 35 Metacritic: 76%


Google reviews say: Battle is too old school. Grinding is boring. Graphic is bad. But the story worth it.

UKFF says: You can stick the rest of the FF games up your arse, this is the best. @TildeGuy~!

Onyx2 says: I don’t think I played this one, I’m a bit hot and cold on the whole series. This one sold over 5,000,000 copies which is insane.

33. Super Mario Kart
Position in 2009: 5; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: NR


Google reviews say: The game is fun when playing it with other people.😆 I really love 🥰it but sometimes I might lose,😞 but is okay😄 I learn how to get better after that.

UKFF says: Greatest multiplayer game ever invented, and the original is still the purest.  

I played this with my childhood friends when it came out, and I've played various different versions throughout the years with new groups of friends, and now my friends' kids.  It's one of those rare games where it's still as fun even if you don't win.  Mrs Loki is almost as good at it as I am!

Ghost Valley 1 Time Trial is the ultimate test of skill of any video game, ever.  My mate and I spend days just shaving a hundredth of a second of our lap times.

Not only did the game spawn one of the most successful franchises of all time, it also created the concept of a Nintendo Universe by being the first game to bring a whole bunch of characters together, something that has become a Nintendo trademark now. @Loki

Onyx2 says: Go back and play this SNES version and you’ll be amazed (a) how well it holds up and (b) how little they’ve added to the core game in 27 years!

32. Doom (First edition)
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: NR


Google reviews say: This game is a disgrace to the MS DOS, it tainted the gaming genre as a whole.

UKFF says: Miles ahead of it's time and there's a reason why it's still modded to fuck quarter of a century on. I'm playing it again for the first time in years and it's phenomenal. @Gus Mears

Onyx2 says: Really interesting that this game as nowhere in either previous list, but has shot to 32 on this one. I think the revival a couple of years ago has helped remind people what a statement it was.

31. Super Mario World
Position in 2009: 11; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: NR


Google reviews say: I think that this is a very strange sonic game, clearly sega had to make a new game and it was rushed.

UKFF says: I liked this game on the GBA when I got it. I don't think I really appreciated it properly until getting my SNES Mini Classic a couple years back. Just an absolute platforming classic. Beautiful even now. Haven't played Odyssey enough to vote for it. @Daaaaaad!

Onyx2 says: With a series so huge as core Mario, it can be hard to pick one above the others. This is my personal favourite owing to a Summer I spent with it; I could understand other people picking 3 though. The combination of the spin jump and Yoshi gave this amazing variety.

30. The Secret of Monkey Island 2
Position in 2009: NR; Position in 2013: NR Metacritic: NR


Google reviews say: the hint system was (and still is) useless for people that have already played it.

UKFF says: Just wonderful in all of it's glory, 13 disks was hard going, but it had everything in there. @Teedy Kay

Onyx2 says: Impossibly improves on the original. A brilliant plot and just so darn funny. Outta nowhere to place on this chart!

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12 minutes ago, FelatioLips said:

I only voted in this to get Wind Waker in it.

I voted for it too 🙂


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I love Tony Hawks 2, but as I said before in the voting thread, it's hard to go back without the 'revert' ability. It's instinctual to hit that button and head straight into a manual when coming down a half-pipe, so it feels kinda empty in THPS2.

Still can't fault it for being a tremendous game and well deserving of it's place on the list. I completed it on the PSX and then again a few more times on the Dreamcast port. Having Spiderman as an unlockable character was a brilliant move, as were his special, web-slinging tricks.

Great to see Batman making the list too. If I had the time I'd play them all over again.

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TIL finding screenshots for games a little more than 10 years old is really difficult. So many hosted on insecure sites, or desperate to show you the remastered version (FFIX was a nightmare), yet trying to get something bigger than a thumbnail. 

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