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The Tories Are Cunts thread

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Popped over to save you getting fined.

Finally, a megathread we can all get behind.

The leader of the opposition, Marcus Rashford, will sort it out.

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"What do you think?"

"Well, you shuffled around looking like it was the last place you wanted to be, didn't say anything, pointed to some swings, and then stood by some graffiti of a penis, still saying nothing. Oh, and I got a text message on the phone I was using to provide the music. So overall, not good. Want to do it again?"

"Nah, I've got three episodes of Naked Attraction on the Sky box I need to watch before the wife gets home".

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1 hour ago, BrodyGraham said:

Been once. The ring didn't turn up and the only thing open was the world's roughest KFC. Won't be coming back. 1 Star.

I don't blame you. 

I had a poke around and he's standing in the Audley/Queen's Park ward, near the hospital. It looks nice because they're all recent build council houses, but that is most definitely not the posh end. It's an odd no-man's land between the centre of town and the really rough bit of town. 

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