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The Tories Are Cunts thread

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Popped over to save you getting fined.

Finally, a megathread we can all get behind.

The leader of the opposition, Marcus Rashford, will sort it out.

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So now they’re saying that the PM took a loan from the CCHQ (I.e the Tory Party) and paid to the cabinet office to fund his flat refurbishment, which he has now repaid (according to Downing Street). He’ll have to declare the loan, otherwise that will be breaking the ministerial code (as if that matters anymore).

Its like that Beavis & Butt-Head where they keep buying each other’s candy bars with the same dollar

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Go where? He’s a serial philanderer; handled a pandemic awfully; is constantly getting called into question about awarding contracts to mates or misappropriating public funds; and that same public just keep increasing their support for him because he’ll waffle on, wave his hand and go “Look over here!” and people are stupid enough to do so.

So where’s he going, and why?

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Boris Johnson will have the final say on whether he broke ministerial rules over the controversial refurbishment of his No11 flat.

Downing Street has confirmed the Prime Minister will remain the "ultimate arbiter" of any investigation into whether he breached the ministerial code.

(Via the Evening Standard)

Well, this is all fine then. I can't wait to find out what Johnson thinks of himself. 


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Given the fact that he's a lawyer, the way he's carefully worded his comments there and the fact that he's that he seems to be a real play-it-safe Mr Abstinence (in other words, a wet lettuce), I think he has clear evidence. It seems completely against his character to come out with that otherwise. 

Let's fucking hope so.

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