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He's right though, isn't he. They're absolute fucking dipshits.

The set looks like how 1996 WCW would have set a pay-per-view up in modern times. I like how not everything about it is LED. To much LED in wrestling these days.

"...then you stand on your chair and you yell 'GO JOHNNY, GO GO GO GO!"

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On 7/7/2019 at 12:41 PM, Egg Shen said:

whats everyones thoughts on the post-match press conference? its an interesting little twist but ive seen a few split opinions on it.

Like are the dirt sheet guys meant to go in and play along with the angles and ask storyline related questions to help build future matches or is it simply a chance for them to get their insider bullshit questions in and just completely kill any sort of kayfabed world the promotion is trying to create from a show standpoint? 

Just do what virtually everyone else does and do a fake press conference. That way your fake reporters ask the right fake questions that you can answer in the way you want to progress your angles. Then you put out your video on social media channels and all the newz sites report on it anyway, only the coverage is tightly focused on the points you're trying to make and they aren't buried among the answers to dozens of questions that aren't germane to what you're trying to do. You're always going to struggle to control the narrative with a room full of people asking insider questions that your so-called "executives" don't have the intellect to deflect.

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On the other hand, the amount of access they give actual press is one of the more interesting things they're doing differently to WWE. 

WWE only allow in their tame reporters, which is how you end up with absolute dolts like Sam Roberts and Pete Rosenberg presented as experts and investigative journalists. Allowing real press access means AEW are more likely to get favourable coverage, which will help them grow.

It's true that they need to figure out the kayfabe balance of things, and not fuck over an angle by saying, "yeah, it was meant to be gimmicked" or "we meant for it to happen like this", but that's more about learning how to deflect a question rather than blocking access.

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