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ICW’s Lionheart dead


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So PCW are doing a show to raise money for the family in light of everything that has happened. 

WWE are allowing a lot of NXT UK guys appear as well despite obvious contracts and the such due to the love and respect many of the wrestlers have for him. 

As someone who I associate PCW with as much as Trav this is a great thing and I'm sure the event will be a really fitting and beautiful tribute to him. 

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I wonder if they'll name a tournament after him and block everyone on Twitter who asks if any money from said tournament will go to the family?

Hopefully the show will raise a load of money and larger companies don't get all contractual and allow friends to pay tribute for an excellent cause.

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3 hours ago, Shy Dad said:

I feel I've missed something (blame 12 hour days) 

Is this aimed at PCW or WWE? 

I'll PM you, as this isn't the place for such convos:

I won't pretend that I knew Lionheart well, just enough that we'd say "hello" at the beginning of the night and "see you later" at the end. He was a good hand in the ring though, and always came across as a decent chap backstage.

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