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Things that you know will be shit

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37 minutes ago, Scott Malbranque said:

Not that it makes the price tag any more justifiable, but it is every album, and I get some signed something or other...

The receipt hopefully. 

Only kidding Branquey, enjoy your horrible purchase. 

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You're just trying to change the subject because people are saying your Wild Bill show looks crap 

I am honestly fucking dreading Christmas night, Flash. Really am. Every Christmas I get asked - by her whole fucking family - "How can you not like Mrs Brown's Boys (x4)? It's brilliant! He's hilar

Other people's young children.

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1 hour ago, Scott Malbranque said:

I paid €470.00 for a Matchbox Twenty/20 vinyl box set on Sunday.
Admittedly, that in itself, would be shit to many, many people.
However, what's going to be shite - for me - is the attempt to sneak this into the gaff, and act like it's always been there.
I was already rumbled earlier in the year for spoofing her that I spent 20 quid on a €150.00 oxblood leather jacket. She saw my bank statement and ran amok on me. Had oranges and a batch pan thrown at me and everything. Caused absolute murder and a night on the sofa because we're saving for a new house...so this will probably tip her into Aileen Wournos territory. 


Doesn't sound crazy, just a little unwell.

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