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Things that you know will be shit

Gus Mears

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Nothing in this thread will ever compare to that day in about 2006 when I rolled out of bed to see John Suchet in a toupee presenting Going For Gold on Channel 5.

I had hopes for it. But there was no  foreign players for me to be lazily xenophobic at (which was half the fun of Going for Gold. Bottle of Lucozade in hand shouting "Go on Sark, beat the Dutch nob! " while I'm pretending to be ill off school waiting for Helen Rollason doing Sport on Friday on BBC2), Suchet in a toupee, it was an hour show of which literally (not really, but it was often) 45 minutes was a quizmania phone in thing back before everyone in Televsion got twatted for it, and it had a tinny midi version of the chorus playing for the hour of the show in the back ground. 


Going in, I thought it'd be great. And after that day now I assume everything will be shit. From a Sunday dinner to a lazy wank. 

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48 minutes ago, Egg Shen said:

as soon as I saw the trailer i thought of this thread.

Aisling Bea changes accent twice in a trailer lasting less then 2 minutes following her fellow Irishman’s Michael Fassbenders turn in X-Men First Class. Still, the kid in this was great in Jojo Rabbit and Wolfboy so it’s going to get a watch.

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