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Brock Lesnar retires?

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He'll not fight again, he'll be back in WWE. He will however use the real interest that Dana shows, and probably some mild interest from Coker and Tony Khan, to get an even better deal out of Vince than he just had. 

I don't think he even entered the USADA pool the last time this happened. Yet the threat of going to UFC for the Cormier fight was enough for Vince to get his wallet open. 

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I think things were a little "unclear" for Stipe after this...

I was exaggerating with Carwin, of course, but my overall point is the who deserves it is such a wobbly argument to rest on these days. Particularly if the UFC is ruled by the petulance and impulsive

I wonder if the lack of a gate will play a part in any negotiations? Isn't that why Dana's not overly fussed about getting Conor back in there?

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