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Kentuckyana Wrestling Road Trip

Nick Hughes

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Heading over to America in a couple of weeks. Based in Indianapolis, which as it turns out is a pretty decent base if like me your a fan of independent wrestling.

Was going to do a bit of a blog here of my trip, as I have always enjoyed reading other peoples.

Always been a big fan of IWA-MS, so I am looking forward to that, plus a bit of a deathmatch fan, so the AWR show with a DM tournament with the likes of G-Raver, Shlak, John Wayne Mirdoch should be fun.

Got the following on tap as it stands:

16th May IWA-MS "May Madness" The Arena Jeffersonville Indiana

17th May Pro Wrestling Trainwreck "So you think you can Memphis?" Hi-Tone Memphis Tennessee

18th May EEW "EpicMania III" The Arena Jeffersonville Indiana

19th May AWR "Deathmatch Tournament" The Citadel Indianapolis

19th May Bizarro Lucha "Burning Sensation" Indian City Brewing Indianapolis

22nd May OVW OVW Arena Louisville Kentucky

23rd May IWA-MS The Arena Jeffersonville Indiana

24th May PPW "Tag Team Tournament" The Arena Jeffersonville Indiana.

So yeah, look for updates in a couple of weeks when I fly out!


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Sorry my bad. I am going to do a bit of a blog and put the pictures and show reviews in here.

Kind of inspired by some of the Japan trip blogs that I have read on here and other sites. Granted mine is nowhere near as grand or will feature household names..but looking forward to capturing the shows on here!.



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I'd be well up for reading this man, looks like an absolute blast! I was obsessed with IWA Mid South as a teenager and it was always a bit of a bucket list goal to finally get over there to take in a show. I'm actually planning on heading over to Indianapolis in late summer so might actually manage to tick that one off!

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Yeah IWA-MS is still going. Celebrated 22nd year anniversary recently and are currently at around 905 shows in total.

They lost their venue which was a flea market in Memphis Indiana, and have moved to "The Arena" which is a venue run by Two Tuff Tony (for any JCW/DM fans), It pretty much has wrestling on most nights of the week.

Only thing is the venue doesn't allow blood, so it has put off some of the more bloodthirsty IWA-MS fans who loved things like King/Prince/Queen of the death match tournaments they run.

But they have built up a good following by having decent workers and compelling story lines. Current roster includes Vets Like Larry D and Aaron Williams, plus really good young talent like Logan James and Pat Monix. Plus they do snag the odd passing talent..recently they have had Mike Elgin, PCO, David Starr and the OVE boys.


I know Ian Rotten divides a lot of opinion amongst fans, but I have always enjoyed his booking. He was a huge inspiration for my own turn in the business when I booked for TNT Extreme Wrestling. So yeah this is a little bucket list pilgrimage to a few companies I enjoy watching.

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2 hours ago, Bellenda Carlisle said:

Let us know what the crowd and atmosphere is like at a death match tourney and how the shows differ from each other please, I don't just want to read a bunch of dry match results reports.

Will do my best. It looks a stacked tournament, and is the first t happen in Indianapolis in 12 years.

Got a decent line up of DM regulars-Corporal Robinson, Dale Patrick etc..but also guys not overly known for working that style like Hy-zaya and Cole Radrick.. And the stips look decent too with all manner of Barbed wire/Glass/Tubes and assorted sharp fuckery.

As an aside, I am meeting up with a couple of guys I used to work with in Indianapolis..they have never been to a wrestling show, and this will be there first. Going to be an interesting reaction to the bloodletting and carnage that ensues!.


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2 hours ago, Nick Hughes said:

I know Ian Rotten divides a lot of opinion amongst fans

Yeah, there are those who think he's a cunt on one side and those who are wrong on the other. 

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17 hours ago, Devon Malcolm said:

Where's he running shows from now? His local Netto car park?

There is something wonderful in the probability that IWA-MS will end up having a longer lifespan than TNA though.

They run a place called The Arena (not the ECW one though!).

Yeah its crazy that they have run for 22 years. The draws are way down, but I think part of it is down to running weekly in an area saturated with wrestling..there is literally a show on most nights within a 20 mile radius.

I still enjoy the product, and although I recognise that the owner is quite a divisive figure, I do think he has a very good eye for talent and most people do speak highly of what they gain from spending time in IWA-MS..

JC (Ian's son), recently had a falling out with his father and no longer works for IWA-MS. I am heading down to Memphis with him to see his new promotion "Pro Wrestling Trainwreck" . They are running a crazy looking deathmatch tournament in October called the Southern Sickness cup.

All in all this trip ticks off a few more promotions on my bucket list to have saw live. Only really got AAW/AIW and a couple of newer ones like SUP Graps and Unsanctioned Pro left, which I will hopefully get to next time.

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First show of the trip is IWA-MS. Looks a real good card with a mixture of local talent and a few bigger Indy names like Mike Elgin, Kongo Kong, Su Yung and David Star.

Going to be adding Rockstar Pro to my list of shows, as they are running Wednesday nights in Dayton Ohio..so going to head over that way and check them out.


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Tidy up paragraph.
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