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Words you used to refer to stuff before you knew wrestling insider lingo?


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For my brother and I growing up, some that stand out include:


Goodie (instead of face; probably common among fans at the time I guess)

Baddie (heel; likewise)

He beat him fairly (he got a clean win)

Character (gimmick) 


And a few that were perhaps more unique: 


Wee wick ones (jobbers; 'wick' is Northern Irish slang for 'a bit rubbish') 

Good ones (name wrestlers)

Tip (touch; as in to tip a wrestler as they're coming down the aisle when at a live event)


Did anyone have anything more imaginative? 


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Me and my brother used to call jobbers, "no names." 

"Was Raw any good?" "Nah, just a bunch of no name matches."

I think I've mentioned this before but the first time I got on the internet I remember reading Raw spoilers for the upcoming Friday night's show and being super jazzed about the new gimmick match called the, "Dark Match." My little mind was racing trying to think what it might entail. There's probably a thread to be made for the first time fans discovered the internet or Powerslam.

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