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What song do you want to get burnt/buried to?


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I've already planned my funeral, my ticker isn't what it was. But as they throw you behind a closing curtain to mix your ashses with everyone elses, what song do you want?


For me it's Roy Harper. When An Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease.



It fills every criteria. Mentions Geoff Boycott and Jon Snow every chorus, talks about fielding at Silly Mid On, attacking the new ball, having a drink, and it's gorgeous.

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The room is pitch black. All the lights off. I want the room to be only lit by the fire of the incinerator as the doors open for my coffin to be led into. Then this plays.

All 16 and a half minutes of it. No one is allowed to make a noise or leave until the entire song has played. The doors will be locked until it is finished.

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Possibly George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord". I'd go with Nina Simone's version, but she doesn't do the Hare Krishna mantra.

When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease is a wonderful shout, though. I've often thought I'll play that when my old man cops it.

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