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Wrestlemania 36- Tampa Bay Bay

Sonny Mustang

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A last man standing match without fans was always going to be shit. They'd have been much better off with a falls count anywhere match. Plus Edge has nearly always been a bit crap. 

I actually don't think the NXT title match would have been as good in front of a Weestlemania audience. I think that crowd would have got bored of the leg work pretty quickly. Was a cracking match. 

They had two Heyman finisher fests on these shows, both for the world titles and neither really worked for me. 

The Funhouse match was special. Just the right combination of talent, situation, production, history and madness. 

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20 minutes ago, BomberPat said:

someone pointed out that Finn Balor reverted to more of his Prince Devitt schtick after losing to The Fiend, and Daniel Bryan much more explicitly stepped back into a former look and gimmick, and suggested that while we only saw them having a standard wrestling match with the Fiend, to them they went through the same career regression nightmare that John Cena did here, the Firefly Funhouse is just the first time we've been able to see it. That's all a bit wanky, but I like the sentiment. 

I’ve also seen these comments and would also put forward to another maybe lesser extent, Seth Rollins went back to snivelling heel for a bit after his fiend matches before this new messiah character, and also the Miz has regressed back to being in a tag team with John Morrison.

I like the concept but not sure if it’s just fans trying to see something that’s not there on purpose, although with the funhouse match it did show wwe can give a lot of thought to these things if they want to.

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Night 2 was pretty shit. I mean the 1st match was decent enough but it was downhill from there. 

The tag title match and Otis vs Ziggler, were the type of match I'd go for a piss during if i was at a show. Black Lashley was pretty meh too. 

The last man standing match felt like an hour. It was just gash. Last man standing is hard to do well but this was fucking dull and no crowd to be behind the counts. The women's title match was passable but why Tamina? She is fucking awful, I personally didn't even realise she was alive. 

The firefly fun house, fuck me that was the drizzling shits. Was it supposed to be clever or funny? 

I don't think this would have been a good show in front of a crowd where as night 1 probably would have. 

I do have a problem where the 2 title matches over the 2 nights had a combined length of 8 minutes. 

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5 hours ago, garynysmon said:

A sentiment that's echoed on here, both directly and indirectly, is the obsession with shoehorning every single roster member onto the card. It just brings down the overall standard and tacks on filler matches that no-one is frothing at the mouth to see.

I can't fathom why they are on intent on following through with this when the roster is so big. In years gone by, even when the roster was much leaner, there were always a couple of upper mid carders that were left out.

They still leave people off. Jeff Hardy wasn’t on this show, though he’d maybe have been in the battle royal if it was normal service. Kevin Owens wasn’t on WrestleMania at all last year, same for Samoa Joe a year or two before that. 

The annoying thing for me is that the battle royal gives them a way to get everyone onto the show without needing filler matches for loads of them.

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This was the first Wrestlemania I have watched in real time for a number of years and it has taken me a few re-watches to arrive at an opinion of any kind. 

Initially, given what's currently going on in the world, I wasn't really invested at all in what was going on. As much as the show went on in order to offer fans escapism (and I tuned in for that purpose) during tough times for everyone I was very much thinking "none of this matters." I think given the current climate I'd have been as detached had there been 90,000 fans in a stadium. It just didn't feel right.

Then I was drawn to the two "cinematic" events, The Boneyard match and the FFFH. For me they were both frustrating - not in terms of production, realism or outcome - just in terms of what COULD be. Typical selfish fan thinking things could be done better I suppose but the possibilities for depth of characters, environments and story arcs is intriguing. Would it be handled well? Probably not. Would it be done to death? Probably. I was reminded of Brock's training for his UFC debut and it was brutal. He looked a legit killer. For all the time he spends off TV would it be terrible to have extended scenes of him in that crappy gym environment doing things few others can? BT's 90 second vignette of Drew had the same gritty feel. Done in moderation for the right storyline I think these could be a way of really be doing the sport/entertainment scripted gap.

The heavyweight titles? I'm struggling to remember the last time there was a decent, meaningful match that I'd watch again save for the Brock/Goldberg mini-series a few years ago. Not sure if it's down to those two being involved in the separate matches but giving away the "right" results with no meaningful effort, irrespective of the limitations, lack of audience put me off a bit. Especially when it will be difficult to elevate or attach meaning to Drew and Braun in empty arenas for the foreseeable. 

Lastly, (yes my waffling is nearly over) whatever happened to John Cena? It struck me that on the bits I have seen in the last year or two, he's not featured heavily at all. He's always had incredible matches in his locker and watching the matches that were on, few stood out as having that charisma/next gear. 

Overall a very strange few days. Interesting to see the reactions in the aftermath though but not sure, from my own point of view, if they'll stand up to scrutiny in the months and years to come.



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