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The Smackers Thread


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I've no problem if anyone thinks that pile of shit was OK. All about opinions. I'm not with you in the slightest though.

The women's triple threat was a big time filler. Maybe someone cares about Lacey Evans and her kid enough to be interested? Not sure who that would be. The team who aren't feuding with anyone else winning was odd. Shorty and Dash was garbage. The whole Shorty thing is garbage. The set-up, the match and the aftermath - garbage. Did anyone miss Sheamus? He's a good worker but on the Del Rio scale of returnees.

Kingston vs. The Miz. Horrible faux setup for the match. I'm glad the Miz is a heel again but this was hardly the killer angle to make it happen. Just another pointless match. Otis and Gulak was a squash. Gets a pass. Poor old Cesaro. Result never in doubt. At least Strowman didn't dance.

Bryan and Reigns vs. Corbin and Ziggler. CORBIN. ZIGGLER. Fucking hell. Just read that out loud. And no, don't anyone try and pretend they're doing a good job with these fuckers as heels just because no-one wants to watch them. Bryan and Reigns should be some Mega-Powers style dream team at this point. I explained my thoughts on Reigns recently. Bryan looks like a ROH wrestler. What have they done to him? Nice to see the Usos back. They've not been the same since the face turn though. They were great heels.

It was dreadful. The pointless matches aren't even the worst bit. The awful character work and dialogue are far worse. They kill any enthusiasm for the show. It all feels like a retread too. How many times you seen New Day standing around with some pancakes? How many times you seen Kofi vs. The Miz? How many times you seen Reigns and Corbin at this point? Must be a million. How many times you seen Cesaro lose? How many times you seen Revival lose?

What is fresh? Shorty G? That's fucking abysmal. Lacey Evans? BABYFACE Lacey Evans? She's dreadful. Otis? I like him, that still gets a pass. But it's the only likeable thing on the show.

Where are they going? Fiend vs. Reigns seems obvious and could be good. Could equally be as dreadful as Fiend vs. Rollins but we'll see. Surely not Bryan vs. The Miz again? Surely?

We commented after Raw that you can at least see people moving up on Raw. They're trying. Who on earth is moving up on Smackdown? Honestly - nobody. Strowman winning the IC title might be a nice moment for him at some point. But given he should have been World Champion about 2 years ago, that's hardly a promotion is it?

None of this bothers me much, I'll be back to reading a review next week. Just a shame given I would now watch it on BT if it was any good.

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Red lighting still in effect on Smackdown when The Fiend appeared I see.

That's never going away.

I'll never understood why they changed it, they had it perfect at Summerslam when he faced Balor, people could see the match and were genuinely into it, every match he has had under the red lighting has been played out in front of a dead crowd who can't see any of it.Ā 


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I watched it.

There's nothing on the show that's actively bad like the Lana shit on Raw (other than Bray Wyatt who will always be dross for me) but it's just the most lazy, by the numbers booking imagineable. It's every WWE trope of the past 15 years boiled down to one show.

There are some bright spots though. Miz/Morrison will be a welcome addition to the tag title scene and the Otis/Mandy stuff is enjoyable.

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I just think there's only so many main events involving Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler you can watch before it feels like a shitarse Groundhog Day. Other than The Usos coming back the other week, it otherwise feels like every Smackdown for the past few months has ended the exact same way, with Corbin and Ziggler beating up Roman Reigns to little to no reaction.

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I watched it. Malvo's pretty much nailed it. It's just so arid, autopilot, pointless. If they've not already covertly binned all their human show writers to save money then they're even stupider than they seem on television, because a simple algorithm could come up with this stuff each week. That's not an attempt at a joke either. This is a GM sim mode running on auto with a limited cast and budget.Ā 

Nevermind guest hosts, they ought to have guest writers. Just makeĀ somethingĀ happen.Ā 

And to pre empt the "why do you do it to yourself" question, my job more or less allows me to. And wrestling is the best possible thing to have on the second screen as I'm not going to start following some decent drama in the office.Ā 

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1 hour ago, Mat said:

So I only tend to watch WWE through YouTube highlights these days. Since when has there been a random WWE producer as a authority figure?

Who was the guy that made the Bayley/Lacey match?


Adam Pearce, Smackdown producer and apparently a pretty nice bloke.Ā 

The last time I remember being bamboozled by something like that was John Laurinaitis when Punk won the title in Chicago. That had a genuinely cool Montreal vibe to it, though, which they ensured to run with and hammer him into the ground as an on air figure.

I doubt the same will happen here. Seems like a nice touch of acceptable realism. A producer should be able to tell wrestlers their match is happening, right? Anything is better than random wrestlers being able to book themselves and change the format of things, which I despise. Something like that happened in the opening segment of Raw this week.Ā 

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