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The Smackers Thread

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One aspect of Romans turn I liked is the timing makes for blurred lines between real and story, his realisation due to the pandemic that he's the top guy and a provider that needs to stop fucking about with dog food etc.

That mindset has helped get him to the next level in both cases.

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Don't forget: the clocks changed last week so if you want to record Smackdown you probably need some professional help.

What a Mark. 

Rob Gronkowski's ring entrance in an empty arena was the most embarrassing and cringy thing I may have ever seen as a wrestling fan. And thats coming from somebody whose parents were in the room when

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1 hour ago, Supremo said:

He's a real asset. Eventually, he could be everything this company needs.

Definitely. He could be the best writer on TV for the two months he’d be afforded before Mental Grandpa Mac fires him and replaces him with Headbanger Mosh. 

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2 hours ago, DavidB6937 said:

That last half an hour of SmackDown really fucking hurt my brain.

It doesn’t help that the commentators aren’t following the basic beats that keep convoluted stories like that going.

They didn’t pick up on the fact that the reason Sami was out protesting was because it was the same ref who was in charge when he lost the IC title. That was pretty integral.

But, yeah, the knots they twisted themselves in just to get lots of people out there as a Rumble prelude was mad.

I do wonder whether they think that’s AJ and Bryan’s level? For me, they felt like stars and were surrounded by people miles below their level. 

Like we started with grade A Scotch, and the more people came out the more it was diluted with, first, cheap whiskey, then coke, then water, then piss.

I adore Roman Reigns.

It doesn’t feel like Bryan is a favourite to win now, which is a shame as babyface Bryan versus heel Roman sounds fantastic to me. The way they’ve hammed up Bryan having not won one, I guess he’s going to get cheated out of the Rumble by whoever he eventually faces at Mania.


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If they're going with Edge vs Reigns at Mania, then Edge and Christian vs Roman and Jey could be a good match for Fast lane or Chamber or E&C and Owens Vs RR and Usos.

Another solid week I thought, Heyman jumping when Roman shouted was great.

Big E needs a new challenger in the mix.

Ziggler and Roode rocking the 2001 HHH jacket, I could see Rey and Dom going for the tag titles at Mania.

Roodolph vs Mysterious vs Profits vs Usos would be a really good match



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This week was okay but quite a lot of samey stuff so not too much to be excited about. Still a fairly solid week but nothing spectacular. I do enjoy angry Roman though. I buy into his rage completely. One of the most genuine characters they've got.

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I actually thought that was a very good wrestling show.

Roman is so good, I now want nothing more than Edge vs Reigns. I’ve never really considered it as an angle, but Reigns character getting increasingly irate at the reverence paid to legends/part timers and feeling disrespected by that could be a very fun run through Mania.

I’m not sure why they need to persist with Kevin Owens/Reigns though. That feels over.

I appreciate what Daniel Bryan is trying to achieve on the way out, but god he’s cooling himself off. He just seems to lose all the time. Maybe they’re going for the ‘have I still got it?’ story where he picks an opponent for Mania and if he can’t beat them he’ll retire, but difficult to work out who that person should be. AJ Styles, maybe?

I thought the triple threat was great.

It’s the most WWE thing of all time that they brought Christian back at the Rumble, it leaks that he’s cleared to go... and then they just don’t use him. Poor Christian.

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The KO Reigns feud continuing is a bit silly since he's been beat 3 times in various style matches, but having 9weeks of TV between rumble and Mania with 2 ppvs in-between they need filler to keep the champs ticking over especially the Rumble winners opponent.

If they don't go with the tag scenario I suggested them maybe have Roman batter Edge and take him off TV for a few weeks, Christian could be added at that point if they wanted.

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